11 moving and packing tips to make your move easier

11 Moving And Packing Tips To Make Your Move Easier

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Moving to a place could give you a feeling of anxiety. You may keep thinking about packing all the time from the moment you decide to move out. This phase has all the emotions. Nervousness and excitement walk hand-in-hand. No matter whether you are shifting nearby or to another city, the feeling remains the same. If you are going through the same emotional juggle, so do not worry. It happens to everyone. Even with the ones who shift frequently. However, we have got some essential moving hacks to make your shifting easier.

Bag Packing

Best Packing And Moving Tips


All you need is to put an equal amount of effort into a strategic way to avoid the travel mistakes and mental pressure while packing. First of all, you should start early rather than a day or a night before. Take ample time to pack things. Otherwise, you may break things in a rush and feel more anxious.

1. Find A Mover

If you think you need a mover, find them as early as you plan your move. Sometimes you may not get their availability on the planned moving date.

If you want to have a mover on the desired date, book them early.

2. Call The Utility Company

Essential things first! Utilities are important and most of the time people do not get enough time to get them out because they start late or the service personnel does not come at the scheduled time.

It is better if you take a buffer and get it done on time.

Essential Things

3. Set The Budget

Budget is important, otherwise, you will keep splurging. Packing and moving could be expensive if you do not limit your expenses or make a budget.

To make a budget, first of all, define all your expenses. Filter out the unnecessary expenses and then finally form a budget. Keep some money for the last-minute expenses and make sure you keep your budget a bit flexible (not much) so that there won’t be a mess at the last moment.

4. Plan Your Packing Supplies

Going to the store for packing supplies again and again in the middle of the packing could be frustrating. Take an estimate of the stuff, go to the store and pick up all the supplies at once. Rather, buy some extra supplies so that your packing does not become a headache for you.

5. Finish Off The Grocery

Let’s be a little more sensitive about the food. Grocery involves many perishable and non-perishable food items. Make sure you eat up all the perishable food items so that they won’t be spoiled. Be creative with your recipes, add some different spices and veggies and innovate a new dish altogether. Also, the spices and powders often spill or get bad in taste in the process of shifting. Try to finish maximum grocery which can be spoiled, or donate it to the nearby food bank.

6. Filter Out Your Closet

There must be many dresses, t-shirts, and lowers that you no more wear. They are just hanging the wardrobe for no reason. So it is the best time to filter them out and donate them to the needy.

This will open the room for more shopping too :p


7. Again… Some More Filteration

Like wardrobe, there are things that you do not like or use anymore. You will not even realise their absence if they are not in front of you. Gather the courage to say bye to such things and donate it to those who may need them more than you.

8. Make Donation Arrangements

Not all the things can be done in a day. Make sure you call the donation team before the day you are moving out. All the stuff that you have kept out for donation, pack it in certain boxes and donate to the respective team or people.

Donate Old Things

9. Utilise Pots/Mugs For Packing Small Things

There must be small things like candles, gas lighters, stationery, etc. which may occupy additional space. It is better to wrap them (so that they won’t be damaged) and put them in pots or mugs.

10. Wrap Things That Might Spill

Oil cans, loose water bottles, liquor, shampoo, cleaning supplies, etc. might spill during transfer. Wrap them properly so that they won’t leak and spoil other things packed with them.

11. Make An ‘Essentials’ Bag

Right after reaching the destination, you will need some of the essential things like wallet, water, clothes, medicines, chargers, toiletries and skincare essentials etc. Make a separate bag for all these essentials and keep it with yourself, aside from other bags.

Essential Bag

The Bottom Line

Your moving experience entirely depends on the way you plan your shift. If you plan to do it at the last moment, there will be a lot of things you would suffer for. On the contrary, if you will start planning early and alter your buying decisions, it could be your most convenient shift ever. Try these moving packing tips and tricks for smooth moving. All the best.

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