going on a trip? do not forget these skincare travel essentials

Going On A Trip? Do Not Forget These Skincare Travel Essentials

Hang on! What is it? The dull skin while returning from the trip, why so? Ahhh…. You forgot your skincare travel essentials. Well, your travel plans should not come between you and your skincare routine.

Do you always go on the trip without your skincare essentials or just forget it unintentionally all the time? Well if that is so, we are here to help you with the list of the beauty essentials for travel that you should carry every time you go out on a trip or for a corporate journey.

Things You Should Include In Skincare Travel Kit


When we go out, we certainly take a break from our diets and eat outside or junk food. That should not be the same with skincare. Your skin does not require any break, especially when you are out and exposed to sunlight and dust more than your usual days. So, next time when you will go out, make sure you pack the following skincare essentials in your travel kit.

Face Wash

A face wash is the most important part of your daily skincare routine. It is recommended to wash your face twice a day (in the morning, before going out and in the evening after coming back from out)

The same routine should be followed when you are out and travelling.

Face Wash

Sunscreen Lotion

No matter you are going on a beach day or hiking on hills, sunscreen lotion should be there for skin rescue. 

If you want your skin to stay protected from sun exposure and UV rays, carry and apply sunscreen after every 2 hours with no miss. Otherwise, your tanned skin will become the proof that you went out of the town to have some fun and tanning. 

Body Moisturiser

Do you know? Even travelling in an aeroplane can cause skin irritation and dryness as the humidity remains below 20%. Therefore, you must carry a moisturiser in your travel bag.

Moreover, if you are traveling in winter then it can also cause skin dryness. To protect your body from these controllable skin problems, do not forget to carry a moisturizer while traveling.

Lip Balm

We are sure you have carried the lipsticks but what about the lip balm? As the entire body is being considered, the lips can not be neglected too. 

Lipsticks can not offer to require moisture to your lips, you should have a lip balm in your beauty bag so your lips stay hydrated every time. Apply them every 2-3 hours.

Lip Balm

Face Mask

Are you thinking about when will you apply it? We knew it 🙂

Like face wash, face masks are equally important. All the dust particles that come in your contact stays on your face and gradually starts going into the pores to block them. Resulting in dull and lifeless skin.

Use it in the evening to get rid of impurities and sun damage and bring back your glowing skin.

Hydraulic Serum

Staying sassy is important even when you are travelling. Moreover, you may not get enough time to get ready properly. In that case, you will miss hydraulic serum a lot. So it’s better you take it along in your travel bag. 

The hydraulic serum helps hold water on the skin and keeps it hydrated. It eventually gives a glowing skin for a longer time.

Wet Wipes

While travelling, when you can not even stop for a while to wash your face, and you feel too much dust. Simply take out a wet wipe from your bag and clean your face gently.

Wet wipes may not take off all the dust from your face, but will make you feel refreshed & relaxed. They will protect your skin from the potential damage due to external dust and sun exposure.

Wet Wipes

Face Cream

So as you need moisturiser for the entire body. You need a face cream to keep your face hydrated. 

It protects the skin from sun, cold and winds. Also, it gives the required nourishment for a glowing face and works as a day treatment. 

So if you do not want to take the risk with your glowing skin, pack it right away in your travel bag.

Facial Oil

If you are travelling to a humid or hot place, you will have extra dry days that requires a facial oil treatment.

Face oils are perfect for dry skin treatments and a primer. It shrinks your enlarged skin pores and calms down your rashes. It prevents your skin to get damaged due to the weather and environment.



Skincare routine should not be suffered due to travelling. Many times people experience dull faces and tanned skin due to lack of care during travel which leaves marks for a long time. 

If you do not want your daily efforts to go in vain, pack your skincare and other travel essentials such as face wash, face cream, lotion & moisturiser, etc. 


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