14 travel essentials every solo traveler must carry

14 Travel Essentials Every Solo Traveler Must Carry

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Solo traveling was always a term, but it is used much more frequently post Covid pandemic. According to Google data trends, Solo traveler search queries have increased by 761.15% in 2021. It is observed that people are more interested in spending time with themselves on the trip rather than opting for group tours. Therefore, loads of people asked us to suggest a few travel essentials every solo traveler must carry.

Travel Essentials Carry-On Checklist

Solo travelling is indeed a peaceful choice only if you do not miss any essentials at home. By that saying, here’s a checklist made for you to ensure carrying the vitals during packing for the trip.


It is imperative to have cash in hand as not everyone takes online payment. Moreover, you may experience low signals or server issues at the bank end. It can increase the transaction failure chances. 


If you are travelling internationally, get your currency exchange in your home country only to avoid wandering for currency exchange. 

Universal Adapter

You may check the weather conditions of your destination but checking which kind of adapter pins are being used there is a little difficult. You should take your universal adapter with you to avoid inconvenience.

Power Bank

Your phone’s battery can ditch anytime during your trip, and you can not rely on public places to get a charging point every time. You shall carry your own power bank to be a little less worried about your phone and its battery.

Power Bank

Extension Cord

What if you need to charge multiple devices at one go? It’s not easy to get multiple switches available for you at a public place. You must carry your extension cord.

Padded Backpack

Padded backpacks are convenient yet comfortable backpacks. While you are in relaxing mode, your shoulders should not be stressed too. Additionally, these bags have ample space to fit in all your essentials. You will not have to bring multiple bags with you.


Passport Size Photographs

We are sure you will not like roaming for a photo studio if the hotel manager asks for it. Each country has their own rules and procedures for identity verification that you may not find on the web. So it’s better you carry some of your passport size photographs for a safe side.

Medical Kit

Stay positive but be prepared for the worse. Unwanted things come uninvited only, like medical emergencies. Take your first-aid box along with you. Make sure to keep all necessary medicines and especially anti-allergic ones.

Medical Kit


What if you start starving during the journey itself? You may not get anything on the roads, in the train or flight. For that matter, carry your favourite chunks and munchies for short and immediate pangs of hunger.


If you are planning for adventurous mount climbing or travelling to a rural area through public transport. You should not compromise your hygiene. It is the basic thing one should never forgo. That is why you should bring your toiletries with you. 


Travel Insurance

This may be quite irrelevant to you if not travelling overseas. Some people take travel insurance for domestic travel as well. It covers the expenses for medical emergencies such as first-aid, medical transportation, doctor fees, etc. The amount of coverage may vary as per different premium plans. You can search for suitable travel insurance plans offered by various companies on the web.

Water Bottle

For once, you can control hunger but controlling thirst is really difficult. Do not put yourself in a situation where you yearn for water. Take your water bottle along with you. Also, it prevents the usage of plastic disposable water bottles.

Water Bottle

Swiss Knife

An all-rounder knife for all your needs. Sounds like an ad, right? But of course, it’s not! Swiss knives are actually useful for travelling purposes. Be it fruit chopping or wire cutting, it will assist you anytime and every time. 


While travelling solo, you are the only person who can take care of yourself. It’s better to avoid any circumstances where you feel unnecessarily fatigued or uncomfortable. Carrying comfortable sneakers for your next solo trip is a must.


Light Waterproof Jacket

Carrying an umbrella could be or could not be a good idea depending upon your luggage space. Pack one lightweight waterproof jacket or raincoat to protect yourself from rain or snow.

Extra Clothes

You never know if your mood changes and you plan to stay for more time there. Here you will need more clothes because we are sure you will not like to wash your clothes on your solo trip.


You have packed all your solo travel essentials. It’s time to buckle up the shoes and get ready for the adventure. 


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