7 tips for choosing the ideal kitchen cabinets for your home

7 Tips For Choosing The Ideal Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

Home renovation is one of the most exciting works. Sometimes, if you do not do things strategically, it backfires too. Till the time the final output does not come in front, you can only imagine how it is going to look. Thus, you have to be very careful when choosing designs, materials, and everything. Like the entire house, kitchen design plays an integral role as well. You can not compromise with the kitchen design. 

Do you know what is the first thing that people notice, when they step into your kitchen? The cabinets. They should be apt enough that everyone just give compliments. But, that is only possible when you choose the best yet most creative kitchen cabinets.

Tips For Choosing Right Kitchen Cabinets


Read how to choose the best kitchen cabinets to get the maximum compliments. 

When in a dilemma, the best thing one can do is to filter out things that are not required. Ultimately, you reach the desired outcome. Let’s apply this logic here to finalize the best kitchen cabinet. 

1. Choose The Cabinet Style

First of all, filter out the style you would not like to have. There are three types of cabinet styles; modern, transitional, and traditional. 

Modern: It consists of streamlined designs with a quality finish, and sometimes it may feature glass doors and contemporary slabs. However, modern ones could be a little more expensive and may require high maintenance. 

Transitional: A great blend of old and new elements like raised-panel cabinetry with modern-edge colors. If you are a retro-lover then you will like such cabinets. 

Traditional: Traditional ones are brighter in color with raised-panel cabinetry. They give so much peace to their eyes and feel so welcoming. Moreover, they are more durable than others. 

Now the choice is in your hands. But, do not forget about kitchen safety. That should be the priority. Choose the design from below by taking kitchen safety into consideration.

Choose The Cabinet Style

2. Custom, Semi-Custom, Or Prefabricated

If you are tight on budgets, go for prefabricated ones. At least you will have an idea about the expense. Semi-customs are the ones that can be modified according to your kitchen dimensions and the last, custom cabinets are the tailor-made cabinets that are made exactly as you require.

The prices vary in the increasing order; semi-custom and prefabricated. 

Ultimately, it all depends on your budget. Yet if you are bad at imagination, you must go for prefabricated or semi-custom. 

3. Check Your Storage Requirements

If you are a cooking lover and the one who loves to invite guests for dinner. Well, you will probably have a lot of utensils, and food containers. For that, you will need ample storage space.

If you need extra space, ask to add more drawers to the cabinet. Or else, you can add storage space under the countertop. It will not look odd and add more space to your kitchen. Also, you can add some cabinets at the top for stuff that you do not use very often. 

Especially if you have a small kitchen, try unique ways to utilize the area and get more storage space. 

storage requirements

4. Choose Material

The material is again a subjective choice. It will entirely depend on your budget and usage. Following are the material types you can choose from-

a) Solid Wood

The strongest, finest yet most expensive cabinet material. Also, it is rare to find its prefabricated cabinets. So if you want to have a solid wood cabinet, you will have to first bear the material cost and the customization cost. 

Solid Wood

b) Laminate

Laminate offers a hell lot of options in terms of colors, patterns, and designs for trendy cabinets. They are low maintenance and durable. The material has the resistance to warping, stains, fading, and chipping. You can find them more easily in prefabricated cabinets.

c) Furniture board

If you are looking for stock cabinets, a furniture board is a considerable choice. They are as pretty as solid wood and are used as a base layer in laminate and wood veneers.

Furniture board

d) Plywood

Plywood sheets are made of medium to softwood layers. It is a strong material as its grains of the wood alternate at right angles on the entire layer. It resists the warping to happen due to its multiple layers. 

e) Wood Veneers

This material is the cheapest version of solid wood. Wood veneer is glued to the outer layer of plywood to make it warp-resistant and it looks just like solid wood.

Wood veneers

5. Finalize Door Designs And Hardware

Door designs and hardware are as important as the entire cabinet. If the hardware does not match the cabinet design, color, and the entire kitchen vibe. All efforts will go into the vein. 

If you have slab cabinets, bar pulls will set the vibe. Whereas, raised panel cabinets with carved pulls could be a good option.

The Bottom Line


Home and kitchen renovation is a great experience if it goes well. Follow these creative kitchen cabinet tips and read all our home improvement blogs to make sure you do not miss anything while getting your home renovated.

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