9 clever packing tricks that you need to copy asap

9 Clever Packing Tricks That You Need To Copy ASAP

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Travelling is fun, but of course not the packing. Ugh… it’s so irritating yet important. Most of people do not like packing and do ‘lazy packing’. Eventually, they forget many necessary things and pack unwanted or ‘just in case things. It could be a laughing incident if everything goes well. However, you can be too careless or a lazy packer all the time. First, you could be in trouble. Second, you could be judged! Obviously, we can not make packing fun for you. But yes! We can save you from being in trouble while traveling with our clever packing tricks & tips.

Packing Suitcase Hacks For Stress-Free Travelling


Try these packing tricks & tips at least once. You will realize the importance of packing well. Then, the packing will not feel like a boring task as you would have experienced the ease that good packing gives.

1. Make A Packing List

Okay! We know this is boring but we also know how to make it interesting. Keep your itinerary in front of you, imagine your entire trip, literally every bit of it, and then accordingly make a list. This way, you will not get bored, and you will get an idea of what all you need and what is absolutely a big no for packing.

This is one of the easiest packing tricks to do organised packing.

Make A Packing List

2. Review Packing List 

It is equally important too. Just an eve before you are travelling, make sure you check if there is something you missed keeping in the suitcase or you need to buy from the store. This is your last chance to pack well before rushing for a flight. So make sure you check everything.

3. Keep Last Timers Together

Certainly, there must be things you have planned to put in the bag while you are just booking the cab to the flight. Such as a wallet, toothbrush, sunglasses, cap, Skincare essentials,  etc. 

Maximum times people tend to forget these things as these are the last timers that they do not keep around the suitcase so they do not forget. Now that we have told you, do not make this mistake. Got it? :p

Make Last Time Togather

4. Check Your Airline’s Baggage Fee Policy

This varies from airline to airline. While booking flight tickets, make sure you check the baggage fee policies so that you pack accordingly. And, even if you pack more than permitted, you do not get a shock at the airport. 

5. Roll-On Your Clothes

Gone are the days when folding was a trend. Now, if you want to pack more in less space, you should roll your clothes. This may sound weird and like ‘what…??’ but it is effective. Once you will do it, you will realise how many more clothes you could fit in.

Do not worry, you can press them there as well. It is better to give some extra bucks for iron than to give it on excise duty.

Roll-On Your Clothes

6. Be Honest To Yourself When Packing Essentials

Most of the time when people travel alone, they do panic packing. They create a buzz in their mind that we are going to be alone there so we have to have everything. However, there are certain essentials solo traveller must carry, the rest are just the outcome of panic packing.

A pair of shoes or two is essential but not all your shoes and footwear are needed for the trip. There’s a slight difference between the need and the ‘just in case.’ Indeed you must be prepared for the emergencies but in the worst cases too, you can put on a pair of extra cloth, that is more than enough because wherever you are travelling, most probably you will get everything out there. 

7. Use Packing Cubes

For some reason, packing cubes are just lit. They make packing too organised and easy. Also, if you are like us (who always forget what is kept where) then you can label your packing cubes so that you do not have to open each cube to check. 

Since packing cubes make you look too organised so you can flaunt in front of your travel mates that you are such an organised traveller :p

Use Packing Cubes

8. Buy Protective Cover/Wrap For Your Suitcase

Okay! So this one seems unimportant to many but it is essential because you will not want your luggage to have scratches and other damage while loading and unloading from the flight. Moreover, you may not know how rough the streets of your destination are and what all your suitcase will have to bear to make your travel comfortable. 

So if your suitcase is taking care of your stuff, it becomes your duty to protect it from all the uncertainties which can happen with it.

9. Pack Your Extreme Essential In Your Handbag

Though there is just a 1% chance of bags getting lost. However, you never know when you fall into that 1% category. So you have to be prepared for the worst. An extra pair of clothes and your essentials will be a saviour until you get your bags back.

Pack Your Extreme Essential In Your Handbag

The Bottom Line


Travelling seems fun but not the packing. So we thought of helping you with these clever packing Tricks & tips. Believe us, after following these packing suitcase hacks, you will never regret your packing. Do share your packing experiences and compliments you get after packing in our suggested manner.

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