avoid these travel mistakes that spoils the trip

Avoid These Travel Mistakes That Spoils The Trip

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There must be many readers who are planning their first solo trip or a trip without family who take care of all the things related to travel. You are a little nervous right? Do not worry it happens with everyone. You stay as nervous as excited. But this is just a phase that goes after your first trip. However, there are many readers who are experienced travellers but still this blog is for them as they forget to do these things everytime and regret afterwards. Here in this blog we will discuss some biggest travel mistakes people make that can ruin their trip. 

Common Travel Mistakes People Make That Spoils The Trip

1. Forget To Check Passport Expiration

If you are travelling internationally, you must check your passport validity. Countries have their own passport validity criterias to let you enter their country. For instance, China asks for 6 month validity of your passport after your last trip. Thus, if your passport is about to expire, make sure you extend its validity to not face any troubles in the future.

Passport expiration

2. Reaching Late To The Airport

AIrport boarding procedures take at least 1-2 hours, which means you should arrive 2 hours prior to your flight timings so that you board the flight rather than waving to it. 

While booking the tickets, make sure you check the boarding rules so that you stay aware of any change.

3. Improper First-Aid Packing

Emergencies never come with an alarm. They are such unwanted guests that always make people frightened. Thus, you should be prepared for them. First-aid box is an essential thing you must carry in the handbag. Moreover, it should have all the travel necessary first-aid items. Otherwise, you may suffer a lot.

First-Aid Packing

4. Overpacking

Most of the time people overpack due to nervousness or excitement. Well, we can understand your emotions but it will just trouble you. Imagine carrying lots of luggage all the way to the airport and then giving extra money for the same. 

Sounds pathetic? That’s what it will feel like. Moreover, you will contribute to an increase in carbon footprints as loaded airplanes release more carbon emission. We are sure you will not want this to happen.

5. Forgets To Opt For Web Check-In

It is a relatively new concept so most of the people may not know about it. However, while booking a flight, make sure you opt for web check-in to avoid long boarding queues and time consuming airport procedures. 

Forgets to opt for web check-in

6. Not Carrying In-Flight Entertainment

If you are travelling alone, then it is one of the biggest travel mistakes one can ever make. In travelling time, you can not do anything so it’s better to take out time for yourself and complete the web series you were planning to finish for a long time. Moreover, if you will have your entertainment stuff with you, you will even realise when your flight journey gets over.

7. An Over-Ambitious Itinerary

Your itinerary should be realistic. Do not plan to roam for a month in just 2 days. First of all, check your schedule and then plan your itinerary. It should include the famous places of the travel point but at the same time you must explore the local streets of the place to know the place from inside and outside.

Also, if you have a non-realistic itinerary, you will just come back disheartened that you could not do things you planned. 

over-ambitious itinerary

8. Relying On Guidebooks

Let the guidebooks only guide you. Do not make them the lord of the place. Interact with the locals and know the place from their point of view. They are the people who have seen the place from ages. All the goods and bads were in front of their eyes. So no one can explain that place other than the local residents.

Moreover, try more street foods than big restaurants. This will be a social cause to the place you visit.

9. Inappropriate Budgeting

Ahhh! This one is really irritating. Most people love to go for random trips but the biggest mistake they ever do is not planning the expenses. Whenever you are going for a trip, you should take the maximum estimates and take 20% extra for last minute changes or emergencies.

Inappropriate budgeting

10. Booking Short Layover Flights

Though many people do this and succeed as well. But, there is always a possibility that you miss the flight. Short layover flights can be hectic.  Moreover, you should have a couple of hours to manage the exchange. There are many last time uncertainties that may take place such as flight delay, long custom queues, or long distances between both the terminals. 

So it is better to wait for the next flight for a while rather than missing it.

11. Getting So Much Into Booze

Well, we are sure you don’t want to make your trip like the one in the movie – Hangover. 😛 Do not get lost so much in drinks that you forget all about yourself and tamper the area. Moreover, this could be dangerous too, especially if you are alone. We are sure you will not want your trip behind the bars.

Getting so much into booze

In The End

Indeed, enjoy your trip and release all your stress but learn from all of these travel mistakes that people usually make and do not repeat them. Share this blog with your friends to make it more fun and suggest them to avoid these mistakes. For more travel related blogs, keep visiting our blog site. 

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