travel first aid essentials that can save lives

Travel First Aid Essentials That Can Save Lives

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Hi! Are you ready for the trip? Let’s see? 

Packing? Done.

Food? Done.

First aid? Oops! You forgot right?

Well, we knew that it will happen, that is why we are here to help you with the travel first aid essentials.

Usually, people tend to forget the travel first aid by thinking they are healthy, they will not need it. By the way, we hope the same for you but an emergency does not come with an alarm. It just comes, that is why we call it an “emergency.” So, it is your responsibility to play safe by carrying a first aid while travelling. 

Factors To Consider While Making A First Aid Kit


Now that you are ready to make your first aid kit, you should consider these factors to understand your requirements. 

Your Current Health

Your first aid is highly dependent on your current health status. If you have any allergies, cough or seasonal illness so make sure you take the required medicines from the doctor. 

If you have some serious disease, do not forget your medicines. Rather, pack extra medicines in case you need to extend your trip or you lose them somewhere. 

Your Current Health

Trip Duration

The quantity of medicines and other medical stuff depends on your travel span. If you are planning a road trip, you may take a few medicines in less quantity but if your plan is to stay out for a week or so; the quantity should increase relatively.

Travel Destination

If your plans are to go to a hill station, you will carry more throat lozenges, diarrhoea medicines, cond & flu tablets. On the other hand, you may have a different first aid box if the plans are for a beach.

Also, you will have to consider the local availability of the destination. Check it by these factors:

  • Will you get pharmacies and hospitals nearby?
  • The weather of the place
  • How much time you are going to spend in the sun
  • Common illness that occurs in that place

Trips Activities

Your activities define your first aid requirements. If you are planning for a relaxing weekend, that means low activities and less chances of wounds and injuries and vice versa.

Now, let’s discuss the first aid requirements according to the above factors.

Trips Activities

Basic First Aid Kit

It includes the items that you should carry no matter where, when and for how much time you are going. It is a mandatory first aid kit.

Hand Sanitiser: Convenient to germ-free while travelling. It is important to sanitise hands before touching any cuts or scrapes.

Antibacterial Wipes: Germ-free wipes to clean wounds, tools, and hands. Useful for dressing.

Instant Cold Pack: As the name suggests, these packs turn cold quickly. Works well to relieve bumps, minor burns and bruises.

Pain Killers: Travel involves too much. You never know whenever you need it. They are helpful for headaches, sprains, etc. Consult a doctor before carrying any.

Gauze: This is super helpful for quick bandages for bigger injuries.

Bandages: Keep them of all sizes. Small, medium and large.

Scissors: Multipurpose tool which could be used to cut gauze, open medication packages, etc.

Medical Tape:  You may need it to attach gauze to the skin.

Self-Adhesive Wrap: For sore knees other injuries. These wraps do not need pins.

Thermometer: To quickly check body temperature, whenever in doubt.

Tweezers: Essentially used to remove splinters, bees, or ticks.

If you usually face skin problems, make sure you carry:

Aloe Vera Gel: Good for sunburns and skin irritations.

Calamine Lotion: For poison ivy and other itchy conditions.

Antiseptic: To clean germs or dust from the wounds, cuts and scrapes.

Antibiotic Ointment: It can be used before doing a bandage.

For Stomach Related Issues:

Antacids: These are the quick relievers from indigestion. Keep it more than required. 

Laxatives Or Stool Softeners: Use them if you are really in need. Also, their side effects can cause diarrhoea or painful cramps too. 

Anti-Diarrhoea Medicines: Diarrhoea is quite common while travelling. You must keep these to not hamper your travel plans. Get it prescribed by the doctor if you have any sort of allergies.

Motion-Sickness Medication: Even if it does not happen with you, keep it for that 1%. 

For stomach related issues

For Respiratory Issues:

Antihistamines: These are helpful for seasonal allergies. Do not take it without doctor consultation.

Cold Relief Medicines: Cold is quite common while travelling. Especially in cold weather. Keep these medicines for stuffy nose, headache and cough.

Cough Suppressant: If you are coughing too much. You will get rest from these medicines.

Saline Nasal Spray: To get relief from allergies and nasal congestion.

For Covid-19 Related Issues

Although there is no specific medicine for Covid-19. You can carry preventive things such as disposable masks and hand sanitiser. Keep it with yourself every time to reduce the chances of getting infected.

The Final Words


Pack these travel first aid essentials to ensure you are ready for any emergency during your trip. Make sure you talk to your before planning your first aid kit and get all the suggested medicines as your doctor knows your health better than you. Also, take extra medicines in case you do not get them at the destination. In the last, take care of yourself and have a safe journey. If you find this blog informative, please share it with others to make their travel medically stress-free.

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