6 things in your trash you can recycle for money

6 Things In Your Trash You Can Recycle For Money

Recycling is important, but how many of you do it? Some of you are not aware of the things that can be recycled and some have such tight schedules that they do not have time to spare time for it. Thanks to the man’s creativity and unique thoughts that have motivated people to recycle certain things. Have you ever thought of recycling your trash for money? Well, it is possible. Now companies have adopted the concept of recycling and reusing the trash to make products for their customers. In this manner, the world can achieve its sustainable goals. Many companies accept different kinds of trash to make certain products by recycling them. So let’s begin to make money by recycling trash.

Things To Recycle

Things You Can Recycle For Money


1) Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes can be used for many purposes such as bulk product packaging, home or office shifting, sending parcels, and even storage. Recycling cardboard boxes decrease solid waste disposal. Further, these boxes are reused to manufacture more corrugated packaging. This results in less use of fresh raw material which eventually reduces the consumption of natural resources, making the production more sustainable and reducing your carbon footprints.

If due to any reason, you use a lot of cardboard boxes, this could be a great way to at least recover the shipping price of these boxes. No matter the quantity, you should give it to the scalp vendor for the sake of the environment. You may not have another purpose to solve these boxes, but still, there are many companies/brands/organisations who are looking for these corrugated packaging to cater to their needs.

2) Alcohol Bottles

Well, your empty bottles can get you another beer bottle. Certain companies take back their alcohol bottles for recycling purposes. One can earn up to $1-$3 per bottle. So it is better to sell it to the scrap vendor of your locality rather than breaking it on streets and beaches.

Companies take back their bottles because the glass containers are too expensive and making/buying glass containers every time can incur a huge cost to them. So they take back their bottles and process their cleaning for repacking in the same bottles. Do not worry, the process is completely hygienic so do not think that you have been cheated by the brands. They are just trying to contribute to sustainable development that is reducing its cost as well.

P.S. This should not act as a motivation to drink more… 😛 Believe us there are many more ways to make money by recycling trash.

Alcohol Bottles

3) Trash

Of course, till now we have discussed the trash only, but this is about anything and everything. Some specific companies and scrap vendors take everything in return for money. Their purpose is to raise awareness and motivate people to recycle their products.

Due to these companies, people have become too responsible for recycling their products instead of putting them into the garbage. This move has helped the community to recycle more and make their surroundings sustainable.

Such companies accept everything from tape rolls to energy bar wrappers. You can find them on the internet and contact them to get the best deal for your trash. If you feel the amount is less, still go for it because if you put it in the garbage, it is going to give you nothing. So it is better to earn something rather than nothing.

4) Wine & Champagne Corks

After opening the wine or the champagne, those corks must be useless for you but not for the entire world. Many professional artists love to buy these corks. So the manufacturers do not need to remanufacture these corks for this purpose, these corks are resold. You can either sell them online in a pack of 5, 10, 15 etc. Also, many online e-commerce brands buy corks for reselling.

This way you can get some amount back from the community just for taking care of the environment.

Wine & Champagne Corks

5) Gift Cards

We all get too many gift cards that are just a waste for us. Rather than throwing them out (wasting paper) it is better to redeem them on the gift cards redemption websites. These websites buy cards from the public and offer them to their audience at a profit. However, you will not get the exact amount of the gift card but that will be definitely more than what you will get from storing it in the drawer (i.e. 0).

For instance, a card worth $100 can give you $60-$80 depending on the brand value, card validity, local availability, etc.

The Bottom Line


Many options and tips to recycle better are available in the market. In this blog, we have covered a range of different products that people use in their daily lives and recycle them for a decent amount. However, there are other products as well which can be recycled for money. You can visit a scrap dealer near you to get more information about the products which they accept. If you want to adopt environment-friendly habits, this could be an amazing start.

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