10 smart ways to maximize space in every room of your home

10 Smart Ways To Maximize Space In Every Room Of Your Home

No matter whether you have a big or small house, it must be close to your heart. You must have a lot of memories there. Well, this is what makes a house, a home! Still, deep inside, if you feel like having a big home but the budget is yet to give the permission. Do not worry, till then you can make your existing home the big one. Here we have got some tips that will help you to maximize the space of your room.

Tips To Maximize Space Of Your Home


These tips may take a while to execute. Once executed, you will be amazed at how strategic home interior planning can make a big difference.

1. Buy Exposed-Leg Furniture

There is a simple calculation. The more open space you will have, the more your rooms will look bigger. Thus, if you keep exposed legged furniture, your rooms will have more free space, which will give your rooms a bigger and wider look.

Such furniture is even less expensive than others as the material used is comparatively less.

Exposed-Leg Furniture

2. Bring Big Artworks

Big things give a bigger illusion. Similarly, if you hang big artworks in your rooms, they will give your rooms an illusion of big rooms. The art piece should acquire at least two-thirds of the area. 

You can either buy a single huge art piece or even huge collage art pieces that make one bigger art piece. Both will look good. Just make sure they go well with the wall colors, and the artwork should be on the main wall of the room.

Hanging the artwork on sidewalls may not have a similar impact. 

3. Large Area Rug

As we did with the artwork, a similar concept could be applied to a rug. A large rug can give you an illusion of a bigger room. You can keep them under the side table chair in your rooms. 

In the living room, they can be kept under the main table. Also, you can put it on the balcony to make it look classy and bigger. Moreover, rugs feel so comforting at the feet that everyone will eventually love them. 

The best thing is, that they are super pocket-friendly and that you can buy rugs for the entire house for under $100. Isn’t it amazing?

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Large Area Rug

4. Declutter Countertops

Cluttered things are never desired by anyone. So they will always look bad. Though some people arrange things in a cluttered way, that should not be the case with a small house. 

Cluttered countertops will make your kitchen look over-filled portraying that you do not have enough space to make things appropriately. 

If you do not want people to think like this, make sure to keep your kitchen countertop decluttered. 

5. Choose The Right Colors

Colors matter a lot! In case you do not know, each color has a mental perception according to human psychology. For instance, blues are for productivity, reds encourage the expression of feelings, etc. Similarly, some colors give an impression of bigger things. You can use such colors in your home to make it look bigger. 

Colors that make your room look bigger:

  • Cool gray
  • Blush pink 
  • Pale blue
  • Dark blue
  • Light green
  • Taupe
  • Lavender, etc.

Choose the right colors

6. Add Big Mirrors In The Rooms

Mirrors reflect your room at a wider angle. It looks bigger than it is through a mirror. Also, if the mirror is in direct contact with the sunlight it will make your room even brighter.

That means you can kill two birds with a single stone. You must go ahead with this idea. And, the mirrors are not even expensive enough to give a second thought.

7. Install Pocket Door

The best thing about pocket doors is that they do not occupy much space. And, of course, they look so classy that no one can deny their existence in the home. 

Indeed, open/closed doors are conventional. Yet the pocket doors are the modern-age doors. Though they have been in the market for a long time, the designs these days are too good. They give your home an amazing look while saving space for other things. 

Install Pocket Door

8. Install Lights Correctly

Lights play an important role when you desire to make your rooms look big. The lights should be as bright as possible to create a positive environment in the room.

Moreover, the right direction of lighting matters too. The reflection of the light will create an illusion of a bigger room. Also, you can add a chandelier in rooms like the living room. It will make your home look royal and big. People won’t be able to realize that the space is less. 

9. Command Center

It is another important thing to maximize the space of each room. The Command center is made somewhere at the major place where you can access all important things.  Command Center Design helps to declutter all rooms and create things in one place. 

Command Center

10. Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are an amazing option for the ones who need multiple tables due to the lack of a dining area but do not have ample space to keep one. Nesting tables are easy to stack and stow away. They are super classy, space savers. They can be utilized well when expecting guests.

The Bottom Line


Create your homes bigger, wider, and more luxurious with these super cool tips to maximize every room of your home. If you are confused about a certain home improvement thing, you can write it in the comment section. We will try to cover that query in our upcoming blogs.

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