7 ways to stay organised with stunning command center designs

7 Ways To Stay Organised With Stunning Command Center Designs

Have you got sick finding the important documents everywhere in the house, or do you have no idea about your kids’ school schedule for tomorrow and they are out playing? These are the minute problems yet enough to make a person exhausted. Well, you indeed require a command centre at your place to make your life easier. The command centre works as the commander of the house. All important information, paperwork, records, reports, and other home essential supplies are staying at the command centre. Do not worry, it can be made easily at home without too much help from the carpenter or other service person. You just choose the suitable one out of our creative command centre ideas.

Best Command Centre Designs


Do you know? You may not need to buy stuff to make your DIY command centre. Look at the things you have in your storeroom and try to make a unique one or you can take inspiration from our suggested ideas.

Make a note, your command centre design may vary as per the individual requirements and personal choices of all family members but the basic sections will remain the same. Such as keyholders, files & folders’ shelves, a calendar, a bulletin board for upcoming events or home bills, and a clock.

1) Look-Professional Command Centre

If you want to give your home a professional look, this could be one of the best ways you can design your command centre.

A side cupboard which has a blackboard to write to-do’s of the day, a holder for the landline phone, a letterbox for all important mails, some stationery in a pen holder, and blank computer sheets. Hang a calendar (so you quickly check on dates before committing your time to anyone. 

To make it attractive, you can decorate it with indoor plants.

Look-Professional Command Centre

2) Single Wall Command Centre

Choose an appropriate wall for your single wall command centre. Fix a folder at the bottom (accessible to all) where you can keep your documents, important reports, letters and blank sheets. Hang a board where all family members could write their schedules so that everyone stays aware of each others’ day. If you want, you can add a bulletin board for family bills or upcoming events or hang a calendar.

3) Hey! We Have Kids At Home Command Centre

When you have kids at home, each thing should depict their presence. Be it wall paints, furniture or a command centre. 

Add some hooks to your centre place to hang bags, put a shoe rack or tray so you don’t have to roam here & there for their footwear. In this command centre, you must have a calendar where kids can write about their school events and PTMs so you do not make the mistake of missing it.

 Also, add some useful stationery; when they will make an excuse of not having a pencil, you can quickly grab it from the centre. 😀

4) Vintage-Home Inspired Command Centre

Give a classy and elegant vintage look to your command centre by adding an antique wall clock at the top, putting a board with a prime frame on it or you can have different shaped boards to make it more attractive. Add some indoor plants to give a more vintage look. Add a shelf or a hanging folder for important documents. 

You can decorate the wall or the cupboard with family photos or LED lighting. Oh yes! Do not forget to put a wooden or mirror key holder, it will complement the entire look. 

Vintage-Home Inspired Command Centre

5) Warm & Welcoming Centre

Add some warmth in your command centre, even the guests feel welcome seeing it. Choose colours like white, beige, light brown or nude to develop a soothing environment around. It is best suited for homes where simplicity plays a major role. 

Just put the extreme necessities such as a drawer or a hanging almirah for essentials, a key holder, a wall clock and a board. You can put family pictures, some soothing lamps, and photo frames for decoration.

6) Rainbow-Theme Command Centre

Let’s make it a little fun with lots of colours. Choose a plain wall (single colour). Put a colourful board, add some notepads of different colours to give a refreshing feel to it. Hang a foldable folder for important documents and a calendar of a good theme (a museum or a theme park). Do not forget the stationery and wall clock. They are the mandates.

If you like playing with colours and are good at visualising the colour combinations. It could be the best choice for you.

7) Light-Theme Command Centre

If you and your family prefer brightness and light shades. So this could be the one you go for. 

Choose a white or light colour wall. Fill in your essentials like wall clock, blackboard, mailbox, stationery, calendar. You can put indoor plants around, some showpieces of brown or green colour to beat the monochrome subtly. 

Light-Theme Command Centre

The Bottom Line

The command centre is an essential area of the home. It helps you stay organised and maintain the home cleaning. Also, it saves a lot of your time as everything is in one place. It serves the home as a commander who is taking charge of all the vitals and providing what you need on time. Choose the best out of our creative command centre ideas.


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