13 things you can do right now to prevent climate change

13 Things You Can Do Right Now To Prevent Climate Change

The drastic climate change is of course visible yet people are avoiding it as if it doesn’t even matter to them. Floods frequency have been increased, temperatures are raised as if the Earth is boiling from inside, and tornadoes and cyclones are also damaging the Earth much more than before. The disaster management experts are shouting out loud to control climate change. If you are reading this blog, first of all, appreciate yourself for trying to be an environmentalist. 

Things To Do To Control Climate Change


Only the initiative is required, the rest can be figured out with this blog. Read this piece of content till the end to contribute to preventing climate change. 

1) Showcase Your Actions

For ages, we have tried spreading the word about climate changes. People are least bothered to hear about it. Rather, they will agree with you but won’t make changes in their life for the same. 

Try something new! Show your actions and explain the reason behind it. The way kids do not do what you instruct them, they follow your footsteps. Similar concept can be implemented here. Out of 10, even if 5 people get convinced to change their lifestyle for a better Earth’s future. Your job is done!

2) Wisely Use Power Supply

How often do you forget to switch your mobile charging plus at night? And, do you also switch on one light when you go out so that you do not need to look for switches in the dark when you come back. 

All these silly mistakes and conveniences can cost you more than money. Electricity is generated through water (in a huge amount). Thus, if you do not save light, at least do not overuse it. Therefore, it is very important to save power and make your home efficient

Even if you have solar power, you should not overuse it.

Lights ON

3) Transform Your Transport

Nothing that you must be hearing for the first time, but it is essential. You should change your means of transport from cars and bikes to public transports. If not, so at least electric cars. For shorter distances, you can use a bicycle or go walking.

This way, you will be able to stay fit as well as protect your planet Earth. 

4) Modify Your Diet

Eating plant-based foods and having natural fruit drinks can be so refreshing and detoxifying. You can actually become healthier while adopting a changed lifestyle for a better Earth’s future. 

Animal-based food processing involves immense carbon emission. If you want to reduce your carbon footprints, you must first change your food preferences to plant-based foods.

5) Shop Local And Buy Sustainable

By shopping locally you reduce the carbon emission increased due to transportation of the goods. Also, whenever you go out to buy groceries, make sure you buy things that are environmentally-friendly, sustainable and not contributing to the already overloaded landfills.

If you are confused, you can check on Google whether the product is sustainable or not.


6) Don’t Waste Food

Wasting food means wasting all the resources which were involved to create, process and distribute the food. On the Earth, we are already lacking the resources as now we have limited resources left with us. 

In such a scenario, you must be cautious and do not waste food. Buy only the required quantity, otherwise you will feel guilty by throwing it off.

7) Shop Clothes Smartly

Fast fashion is the current trend that maximum people are following, resulting in overloaded landfills. Buy clothes that are:

  • Sustainable
  • Durable
  • Reusable

You may find such clothes a little expensive but the prices would be worth it. It will help you to contribute to save the Earth and control climate change. 

8) Plant Trees

Another basic, generic, and most common yet extremely important thing you have to do to prevent climate change. Tree plantation! Plants have always been Earth’s best friends. They can do a lot to save the planet and lessen the impact of climate change.

Plant trees

9) Use, Used Goods

It is the right time to come out of this image that used goods are for people who can not afford the new ones. Nowadays, using used goods is a sustainable act that everyone should perform. 

Buy used clothes, machines, books, etc. that are in condition and can be used to reduce the carbon emission.

10) Calculate Your Impact

If you are under the impression that you are an environmentally-friendly person, you must check if it is true! Yes, there are free and easy ways to calculate your carbon footprints. 

Google ‘Calculate carbon footprints.’ Look for an authentic website and check your impact.

Once you will get to know your carbon emission, you will be able to become a more dedicated environment-friendly person. 

The Final Words

Keep checking what new is coming into the market and how you can lead a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, share your knowledge and experiences with your family, friends and other people. 

Tell them how good you feel becoming an environment-friendly person. Adopt these activities and also, share your unique ideas that you adopted to help preventing climate change.

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