hacks to make your trip more eco-friendly this year

Hacks To Make Your Trip More Eco-Friendly This Year

‘Sustainability and eco-friendly’ are in the talks everywhere, why not travel? Most people travel from one point to another at least once every two or three months. That means, fuels are being used, carbon emission is taking place, plastics are getting used, and many more non-eco-friendly activities are happening. It calls for responsible and eco-friendly travel. 

Eco-friendly travel is no more a ‘FAD’. It has become an essential topic to be discussed. Therefore, we are here to share some tips for eco-friendly travel. 

Easy Implementing Eco-Friendly Travel Hacks

1. Switching Off Home Power While Travelling

People say, “charity begins at home. ”Similarly, conservation starts at home. Many times people forget or intentionally leave some lights or power on while leaving for a trip. 

It is one of the simplest hacks to travel environmentally friendly that you turn off all power supplies from the main supply to avoid any electricity wastage. 

2. Do Not Overpack For Your Travel

Usually, people pack many unnecessary things with the mindset that where will we look for these in an emergency! Indeed, emergency things should be kept on priority and do not overpack for your travel. Please understand that the more your flight will load weight, the more carbon emission will be caused. Decide wisely, Act responsibly. 

3. Opt For Shared Transportation

Millions or billions of people travel from one place to another. Imagine the condition of the roads and the environmental impact of it. While you are wondering, do not think how your car could affect so drastically. Every car counts, and in fact, you are not going to be a single person thinking likewise. 

Thus, wherever possible look for public transportations. If you are still not willing to compromise with your car’s convenience, you can opt for sharing cabs. There are apps where you can look for people travelling on the same route to offer a lift and contribute to having an eco-friendly trip.

Opt For Shared Transportation

4. Carry Reusable/Non-Plastic Water Bottles

The biggest mistake you make while travelling is not carrying a water bottle or the worst, carrying a plastic water bottle. You can fill approx. a bin with several bottles you use while travelling negatively impacting the environment.

Additionally, it is linked with your own health too. Do you know that drinking water from thin plastic water bottles could be harmful if exposed to sunlight? The plastic bottles, if exposed to sunlight, can break down and their chemical components could be drained. However, the small amount of this chemical intake may not have short-term causes but could affect bodies in the long term. 

Therefore, avoid using plastic bottles, if not for the environment so for your well-being.

5. Take Non-Stop Flights

At times this one could be involuntary if you do not have an option of selecting non-stop flights but whenever possible, opt for them. Because flights create more carbon emissions at the time of takeoff and landing. 

Here you may wonder why you would give extra bucks for the sake of the environment. Well, your question has your answer already!

Alternatively, many air transport companies now offer better and eco-friendly air travel options. You can choose them rather. 

Take Non-Stop Flights

6. Stay In Eco-Friendly Hotels

As we said earlier, eco-friendly is in talks everywhere. So in hotels too. Such hotels offer eco-friendly products for your comfort and try to follow all sustainable guidelines to help heal the Earth. 

You can expect cleaning from non-toxic cleaning agents & laundry detergents. They offer organic cotton sheets, towels, even mattresses. Moreover, they maintain a non-smoking environment. 

Some of the green hotels have started using solar energies, eco-friendly cooling & heating products too. 

7. Commit “Make It Better” 

This is something new and unique that most travellers are practising. In this commitment, travellers try to make a visited place better than it was when they reached. 

One can do it by cleaning the surroundings too. Or else you can suggest the local vendors or residents to adopt some eco-friendly ways you are practising in your hometown. 

This way, you are not only exploring another place, even making it better for future visitors.

Commit “Make It Better” 

8. Try Local Shops

If you shop from your hometown or country, then you will shop again at the destination you are travelling to. You are basically increasing the weight in the flight. As we already said, pack all the essentials and rest you can shop from the local markets of the visiting place. This way you will not only become greener yet help the local vendors to earn a little more. 

This concept is still underrated, but people who have adopted this feel happier to explore the local markets of new places and experience having unique things from different places. 

The End Words


We all love travelling and it has many health and social benefits too. However, travelling responsibly has become an essential subject matter to be aware of. You must try to control carbon emissions with your acts like opting for shared transportation. Also, many green travel companies are in business now to offer eco-friendly travel. Whenever in doubt, talk to them and get an environmentally-friendly travel package.


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