9 best packing tips & tricks for travel by experts

9 Best Packing Tips & Tricks for Travel by Experts

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If you are planning to go out for a long trip probably you have lots of stuff to pack. For Short trips of two to three days a carrier-bag is enough, but more than four days you require all essential things to pack, especially in winters you will need to pack sweaters and bulky jackets.
It doesn’t matter if you are going via a flight, train or bus; more luggages mean more headache and pain so your comfort is an essential part of journey. Moreover, you would need to prefer pack all required things into a single luggage and a handbag is preferred for your valuables like a jewelry, makeup and cash.

To make the trip easy, hassle free and overall frustration free then need to consider the following packing tips from the travel experts. So, here we go:

Be Careful While Going Through the Checking Procedure:

You have to be careful while packing of your valuables like your jewelry, cash and other belonging, you must assume when your luggage goes outside your site it might be lost or your valuables got lost, so keep all your valuables in you handbag and keep it with you through the travelling.

Carry Essential Things with You on the Plane:

This is the one of the best packing tips given by travel Experts that during your packing you have need to put all your essential things in your carrier-bag or handbag for safety purpose, such as a pair of contact lenses, your required medication, a pair of under garments, required makeup kit, but small one is preferred, in any case of lost and delay of luggage you will be able to manage for a day or two without your luggage and your medication will make you more comfortable as you have no need to go out in search of a medical store.

Stick to the Basic Colors for Your Wardrobe- is one of the best Packing tips and tricks for travel:

You can keep a basic shaded tops and tees with you like gray, black, white and pastel pink which can be combined with each other and give you a new look each day. It is a best trick when you mix and match your tops with a black paint or striped skirt at evening.

Rolling is an Great Idea instead of Folding Clothes:

If you want your clothes wrinkle free and fresh throughout the journey, then the rolling cloths will be a great idea, it will also save more space to keep more things in a bag.

Lay Your All Stuff on the Bed Before Packing – an another best Packing Tips by Travel Experts

This is the deciding part that’s how many clothes you need, so, count your days if your clothes and days are about the same then it is too much to pack, I mean, you can keep half of them back into your closet, as we discussed earlier that basic colored tops, paints and skirts can be carried in less numbers which will be paired one by one with each other, so no one will be notice your outfits in a day. To make your evening special you can mix and match your tops with your stripped short or long skirts, jewelry and a pair of heels which will mesmerize your look in the evening.

Footwear You Need:

You can pack your footwear into a plastic zipper bag, you have to carry a pair of sneakers, black heels for evenings, and flip flops for walking that would be enough.

Planning for Shopping at Destination:

If you are going for shopping then you have to keep a room free in your bag, so that the shopped stuff could be carried in the same bag, if loads of shopping on destination agenda, then keeps an empty duffle bag with you is another one of the best travel packing tips and tricks by experts.

Essential Liquids and Ziploc Bags:

Girls can’t leave their makeup alone, so you can pack your moisturizers, foundations, and nail paints into a Ziploc bag so that they can’t get leaked and ruin your clothes.

A First Aid Kit and You:

Remember that a first aid kit must be kept in your handbag, so that if unexpectedly you got hurt, injured or scratched while travelling you can easily use it without seeking any help from others.

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