essential tips and tricks to make your first cruise go smooth

Essential Tips And Tricks To Make Your First Cruise Go Smooth

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A cruise could be your dream vacation. You must be stepping in for the first time and will experience the waves of the ocean and wind breeze together while standing at the top of the cruise. Possibly you will have your friends or family to have fun together and experience a completely new thing for a vacation. If it feels good to read, just imagine how good it will feel to experience it?  And, of course, you will not want to spoil it due to some reasons that were not in your knowledge.

Essential Tips To Make Your Cruise Experience Smooth and Memorable


If you are heading on a cruise for the first time, you must know that there are certain things that you need to take care of for a smooth trip. After all, you must be sailing to chill for some time and keep your mental state at peace. All this could be done only if you take care of the below tips.

Cruise Trip

1. Arrive At The Departure A Day Before

If you are not in the same city from where the cruise is scheduled to depart, you must reach the port a day before to avoid the last-minute rush. What if your flight or train got delayed or you could not at the time of departure? We are sure that the cruise is not going to wait for you, you will miss your dream vacation!

Certainly, this happens with many people on all cruise trips so make sure you do not become one of them.

2. Pack Your Essentials In A Handbag

This may not come to your mind since it is going to be your first cruise trip. While you board the cruise, the staff take your luggage from you and later send them to your rooms. It is indeed convenient but you will not have access to your luggage for a few hours later in the day. Thus, make sure you carry all your essentials like medicines, mobile charges, skincare essentials and one pair of clothes so that the very first few hours of your cruise trip won’t get spoiled.


3. Do Not Overpack

Okay! So this one is really important. We understand it is going to be your first cruise trip so you would want to carry all your favorite pairs of shoes, clothes, bottoms, dresses, etc. but that is not an ideal thing. Believe us, it will be additional weight to your suitcases, nothing else. Also, if you will be unable to wear all of them, then you may feel disheartened. You must do clever packing to avoid extra weight in your luggage and more burden to your hands.

Nowadays, cruises have become more casual and people prefer comfort over fashion as you are going to be there on the cruise for a couple of days. So just pack according to the itinerary. Also, laundry services are available on the cruise which you can use with minimal charges.

4. Do Not Rely On Cruise For Drinks

First of all, if you are under the impression that you can not bring your own drinks on the cruise, then it is incorrect. Maximum cruise lines allow people to carry their drinks probably with a limit.

Drinks on the cruise are way too expensive so if you want to not put money after your evenings. You should carry your drinks with you.

Carry Drinks

5. Pack Extra Toiletries

You would be able to manage your laundry anyhow but the toiletries are too expensive on the cruise if you will have to buy from there. Make sure you bring extra sunscreens, soaps, lotions, etc.

Though you may not get a chance to use them, you will not be bombarded with huge toiletries bills. So do not forget to pack extra toiletries.

6. Skip The Buffet On Your First Day

Like you, almost everyone will be too excited to enjoy the first buffet of the cruise. This means it is going to be so crowded that your first buffet experience will make you upset. Find other dining options on the cruise just for this night as from tomorrow, the situation won’t be the same.

Still, if you want to experience that crowded place, you will be more than welcome there.

7. Reserve Activities In Advance

A lot happens on the cruise, the laughter shows, concerts, live shows, movie streaming, etc. For anything that suits your interest, you must reserve the tickets for it beforehand on the cruise line’s online portal.

Even if you forgot to do it earlier, or you were unaware. You must do it right after you board the cruise because you may not get the tickets or they may charge 2x the price for them.

Cruise Fun

8. Join Social Media Cruise Communities

There are many private or public groups, profiles, and pages that give information about cruise trips. The majority of the members remain the ones who travel a lot by sea. You will not get enough information anywhere beyond these social communities.

You may get hacks to book cruises at affordable prices, or how you can make your cruise experience more exciting. Moreover, you can post your queries there, and most of the members actively reply to the queries. You must not hesitate to ask. Also, these social media communities help to make budget estimates so that you can save money for your next trip.

Few Quick Tips To Make Your Cruise A Memorable Trip


  • Turn on your airplane mode while on the cruise as the telecommunication service providers do not provide any plan for cruises. You will be charged huge amounts.
  • Keep ship information handy every time you are not on the ship to inform about the emergencies (if any)
  • Consider buying travel insurance to prevent the loss if you lose something while on the cruise.
  • Do not book a cabin near the elevator, they can be noisy at times.

In The End


We just want to wish you very good luck and a safe journey on the cruise. Have fun and do tell us how these tips helped you make your trip smoother and safer. Also, share your experience with us in the comment section to help other readers who may be planning to go on their first cruise trip.

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