realistic ways to save money for your next trip

Realistic Ways To Save Money For Your Next Trip

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Traveling is everyone’s favorite. Moreover, each one of you will have at least one dream vacation where the money must be a big hindrance. Someone wants to go to Paris or some likes to spend their holidays in Greece. Some may wish to visit London or a few many like to experience Australia. Indeed, international trips require a lot of money. If your pocket does not allow you to make your travel dreams real, let us help you to do the same. Do not lose hope, we have shared tips to save money on travel. So, when you travel, you just explore the place rather than think of your budget.

All these tips are easy to adapt and can help you save a good amount for your next trip.

Tricks For Saving Money On Travel


Often, finances are the biggest hurdle of travelling. If you want to travel freely. You have only two ways. Either earn more or save more. 

Saving more could be frustrating in the beginning and you may sound like a miser. But, when you will enjoy the scenarios of your dream travel destination. Everything will seem worthy. Thus, commit yourself and start saving.

1) Make A Budget

First of all, get your numbers checked. Calculate your trip cost (including food, accommodation, transfers, adventure, shopping, and everything) + an extra $1000 approx. for emergencies.

Having an estimate in hand gives a motivation of getting it done. Moreover, get a defined goal (total funds required) to achieve. It feels like you took a step ahead to work for your dream holidays. Thus, you save more enthusiastically and things become easier.

Now that you have the figure in hand. Let’s discuss more ways to save money effectively for travelling.

Make A Budget

2) Identify Your Expenditures

The first and foremost thing is to define your expenditures. By this, we mean categorising the expenses into fixed and variable expenses. 

Fixed Expenses : are the ones that are not flexible. No matter how much earn or save. You will have to bear the costs. Such as rent, utilities, etc.

Variable Expenses:  are the expenses that can be increased or reduced as per your will. In your birthday month or on Christmas, it could be more than other months. For instance, groceries, adventures, dining out, etc.

Reducing fixed expenses is way more difficult than variable ones. Moreover, it helps to make a budget for the future.

3) Write Your Expenses

It is a human tendency! Whenever you write your expenses, you get motivated to reduce them. Moreover, it is in saying that writing improves your cognitive skills. Perhaps you get many unique ideas to save money.

Moreover, writing expenses will help you track your money flow. And, you will learn more about your spending habits. On top of everything, you will become a conscious spender and thus, save more. 

Write Your Expenses

4) Shop Smartly

Make a rule of not going market without a list. Usually, people buy unnecessary things instead of the ones they came buying. Consequently, the expenses increases and your saving become less.

Therefore, make a list and stick to it whenever go out to shop. Moreover, be vigilant while making a list, On saving mode, unnecessary groceries are not allowed too. 

Do not worry, we are not saying to stop having meat. But, the quantity and the frequency of the could be reduced.

5) Use Public Transport

We understand this must not be feasible for many readers here. However, commuting by own vehicle may cost you more than public transport. On average, you can save $7-10 a day using public transport to the workplace. 

Moreover, there is nothing like adopting a sustainable life while saving for your dream destination. 

Use Public Transport

6) Less Dine-Ins

If you are one of them who loves eating out and chilling with friends. Well, if you genuinely want to plan your dream trip soon. You have to limit your dine-ins and food orders at home.

Do not feel disheartened, you can still have fun. Make food at home and invite your friend. You can make old childhood movies together and chill together. This will be fun too, right?

7) Look For Cheaper Alternatives

In this world where everyone competes. Finding cheaper alternatives is not a big deal. Instead of buying a newspaper for commuting time, you can read the news on online free apps. Moreover, grabbing a cup of coffee from Starbucks is not necessary. The street vendor can offer equally strong coffee. All you need is an eye to look for budget-friendly alternatives.

Look For Cheaper Alternatives

In The End


Savings are not difficult if you have a defined goal. However, when it comes to cost-cutting, it could be hard for some. A few may feel disheartened too. Make sure you are not saving at the cost of being sad. Spend whenever you genuinely want but save for the rest of the time. Also, stay motivated. It is important to have the motivation to save. Once you lose the motivation, your savings will just vanish. Follow these tips to save money do not forget to share your unique ways to save money in the comment section.

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