10 fragrance hacks which can make your perfume last longer

10 Fragrance Hacks Which Can Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Who doesn’t like being odorous all day? Smelling like your favourite fragrance is everyone’s wish, but that lasts till lunchtime. Obviously, we can not go to the washroom every hour to spray perfume, but we want to smell great all day. Nah…! it’s not about the perfume brand. It is about its storage and maintenance. Do you know? Storing perfumes at the right place is essential too. Also, you should be spraying it correctly for a long-lasting perfume fragrance. Do not worry, you have not missed anything in your life. We have the hacks to make a perfume last longer and make you smell stronger all day. 

Perfume Hacks And Tips


If you genuinely want your perfume to last long, follow these fragrance hacks as suggested. 

1. Spray After Your Shower

There is always a right time for everything. As per professional experts, a perfect time to apply perfume is after a bath. Due to the presence of moisture, perfume gets something to hold on to and boosts its staying power. That is why, when you spray perfume right after your workout, it smells stronger and for a longer duration.

Spray After Your Shower

2. Apply Moisturiser Before Using Perfume

Another way is to dampen your skin with unscented moisturiser or lotion before spraying perfume. Make sure it is unscented otherwise, the two fragrances will get mixed, and that may not smell good.

Hydrated skins hold fragrances for a longer duration than dry skin. That is why your hair holds the fragrance for a longer time than your skin due to the scalp oiliness.

3. Spray To Your Clothing Too

Your clothing fabrics can hold the odour for a longer time. Sometimes, even after washing, the fragrance stays on clothes. Therefore, do not only spray it on bare skin. Put it on your clothes as well.

Spray To Your Clothing Too

4. Apply On Your Pulse Points

Be it any fragrance, it reacts to heat and makes it last longer. Applying on pulse points can help release a good odour throughout the day. Try spraying on the neck nape, inside the elbows, wrists, and the back of your knees.

5. Apply Petroleum Jelly On Pulse Points

Before spritzing perfume, applying petroleum jelly on pulse points (neck nape, inside the elbows, wrists, back of the knees) can be an add-on for long-lasting fragrance. It gives a moisturising lock to the scent. 

Apply Petroleum jelly on pulse points

6. Do Not Rub After Applying Perfume

Most of us rub our wrists and nape of the neck after spritzing perfume on these points. It is a myth that it helps the odour to stay for a longer time. Rather it breaks down the perfume chemicals, and the fragrance fades away faster. Avoid rubbing after spraying perfume.

7. Brush Our Hair With A Scented Hairbrush

As we said, perfumes stay longer on hair. However, applying perfumes directly damages hair due to the presence of alcohol. You can apply perfume to your hairbrush and then comb your hair with them to scent your hair.

Scented Hairbrush

8. Use Complementary Fragrances

To boost the fragrance power, it is good to purchase complementary fragrances. They mix well and make the fragrance stronger. Many brands offer such fragrances as combos for your convenience.

9. Spray Your Perfume In Your Wardrobe And Drawers

If you want your clothes to smell naturally as your favourite fragrance. Spray your perfume in your wardrobe frequently as we already know, clothes hold on to the scents for a longer time. 

Now that you have got ample tips and hacks of how to apply perfume to last longer. It’s time to discuss some storage and maintenance tips to boost their odour.

Wardrobe And Drawers

10. Store In A Dark And Cool Place

It is written on all perfume bottles too. However, we always skip on this. Maximum times we store our fragrance bottles in the bathroom where the temperature keeps changing and there is the presence of humidity too. Moreover, most people get direct sunlight in the bathroom that breaks out its scented chemicals. Keep the perfumes away from sunlight and high temperatures.

11. Do Not Change Your Scented Bottle

Perfume bottles are generally made of specific steel or glass that is made in a way that doesn’t allow air to saturate the perfume which can break the chemicals and tamper the perfume. 

Change Your Scented Bottle

12. Do Not Shake Perfume Bottles

Even if the perfume is in its original bottle. If you will shake it; that too, quite frequently. Air can saturate the fragrance and break down the chemicals.



Through these tips, you can experience long-lasting fragrances throughout the day. You can put moisturiser before applying, or spray it directly on the bare skin just after taking a shower. You must be spraying perfume on your clothes to have a natural feeling of fragrance and will put much more effort. However, it is important to choose the right perfume too. These tips will be more effective if you will have a long-lasting perfume. Before buying any perfume, you need to check its concentration and base notes. Therefore, choose wisely and then apply these fragrance hacks for a long-lasting odour. Let us know how effective these tips were for you.


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