how to look fresh at work after sleepless nights

How To Look Fresh At Work After Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights…Ahh! One of the most familiar words for this generation. You must be working day and night to get the kind of life you want to spend, but sometimes it costs many sleepless nights. However, we are sure you would not want your surroundings to know about your irregular sleep routines. Whatever would be the situation, your face should look fresh and you must sound active all day. But is this possible even without sleeping at night? Well, Yes! Here in this blog, we are going to share some smart tricks to look refreshed even without sleeping at night.

Read the blog till the end to find out the best way for yourself to get rid of the effects of sleepless nights.

Hacks To Look Fresh All Day


It is almost impossible to stay fresh and energetic naturally with the kind of sleep routine we follow. So let’s follow these tricks to get rid of the marks of the sleepless night. Some of them are girls-centric yet some of them are unisex remedies to look fresh after a sleepless night.

Please note, these are just the ways to get hide the signs of a sleepless night, these tips are not to make you fresh from the inside.

1. Cool Your Eyes With An Eye Mask

The very first mark of a sleepless night is puffy eyes. But it is to get rid of puffy eyes with an eye mask like the Aloe Vera eye mask. Such masks do wonders for your eyes. They not only reduce the puffiness under your eyes but also make you feel refreshed all day.

The best part is, it is too effective and anyone can use it. After all, men feel conscious about their looks too. So they can also use these eye masks to get rid of signs of sleeplessness. 

Also, they are portable so you can carry them anywhere. All you need is just a freezer to cool it for a while before putting it on your eyes.

Wear Eye Mask

2. Facial Massage

The massage sounds more relaxing and sleepy? Well, do not worry! This one will help wake you up. How? 

Massage improves the blood circulation of the face to give it a refreshing look. Also, you become more active with the quick facial massage in the morning. It reduces eye puffiness too. Moreover, your face will stay hydrated all day.

All you need is a face oil or moisturiser and a few minutes (probably 5 minutes). Massage with your fingertips on your cheeks in a circular manner and then do it vertically on the nose area and then forehead in a circular motion. Try this every morning to get rid of signs of sleepless nights. 

3. Focus Your Rehydrating Your Skin

Fatigue causes laziness to follow the skincare routine as you feel tired all day and in the end, you just feel like sleeping which is perhaps not possible due to many personal or professional reasons. Consequently, your face starts appearing tired and dull every day.  

To get rid of this problem, it is imperative you take supplements such as omega-3 and omega-6, use products that have hyaluronic acid, and eat fruits, vegetables, oily fish and seeds. It can help you to get glowing skin naturally at home. 

Rehydrate your SKin

4. Use Blusher

Our skin is made up of multiple shades and tones. When you use highlighter and concealer, your natural shades get visual blockage which can be then highlighted with the blusher. 

Using a blusher will make your face look natural and refreshing, unlike a sleepless night face.

5. Do Not Do Heavy Eye Make-Up

When you desire a refreshing and natural look, your eyes need just a subtle yet bold eyeliner, and you are done! If you will do a lot in your daily routine, your will start looking more tired and blocked. 

Thus, for your daily life look, Less is more! Also, heavy make-up hides your eyes’ natural appearance. With a light and subtle eye make-up, you will see your eyes being more prominent and highlighted.

Do Not Do Heavy Eye Make-Up

6. Use A Brighter Lipstick

Do not let anyone see anything beyond your bold lipstick. Yes, it works! When you have not slept the last night and are too tired to not apply make-up. Just apply a brighter yet bolder shade of lipstick that grab everyone’s attention. 

You can experiment with this one yourself. Notice how you observe a lady with a lighter shade of lipstick and then who wore a brighter shade. The one with a lighter shade will be judged on her overall look and maximum people will only see the lips of the one with a brighter shade. So it is a psychological way to distract people from your tired face.

The Bottom Line


If you do not want everyone to keep asking you why you could not sleep last night, use these smart tricks to look refreshed all day after a sleepless night. These tricks will help you stay confident the next day and believe us, no one will be able to identify that you could not sleep last night. For more beauty hacks and tricks, keep following our blog website.

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