check for these signs of dementia if in doubt

Check For These Signs Of Dementia If In Doubt

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Dementia is a quite common mental disorder in which people start forgetting things. Dementia is basically an effect of the impairment of at least two brain functions. For example, judgment and memory loss. The brain gets too weak that they forget almost everything about their life and the people around them. If it is diagnosed at the right stage, the symptoms can be improved with the medical treatment otherwise, it becomes difficult to restart the brain functioning. Thus, if in doubt, do not skip or skim this blog. Read till the end and know more about dementia and its symptoms. If you can relate to these warning signs, you must visit the doctor for further clarification. 

Early Signs Of Dementia Checklist

Read the following signs and symptoms thoroughly and do not panic if you can relate to them as the final confirmation can be given by the doctor itself after taste and assessments.

1. Memory Loss

Well, it is one of the most famous symptoms of dementia yet there is a need to understand the pattern of memory loss. We and you often forget appointments, phone numbers, and names but sooner or later we recall them when we put a little more stress on our minds. However, this is not the case with dementia patients. They are unable to recall things even at a later time and they forget the recently learned things too. 

Memory Loss

2. Language Problems

People with dementia often forget the words while doing a conversation and use words that make sentences difficult to understand or may not make sense. 

Do not compare this with the normal difficulty in finding the right word as you may recall it later but that is probably not the case with dementia patients. Apart from this,  it can affects your Diet & Nutrition as well. 

3. Facing Trouble In Performing Familiar Tasks

Isn’t odd to forget tasks that you must be doing for decades, like serving food, cooking, or following a certain routine. Though it is normal if you forget to do something in rush. Forgetting daily tasks on a regular basis or things that you have been doing for ages could be an early sign of dementia. 

Facing Trouble In Performing Familiar Tasks

4. Getting Confused With Time And Space Regularly

We often forget the date and the day. It is quite normal if people have busy schedules. Also, there is nothing to worry about if you forget a certain route once in a while. However, if a person faces a problem reaching home from a place that he visits on regular basis then you need to be a little worried. Especially,  if it becomes a normal routine of forgetting routes and ways to the places you visit daily.

5. Careless Attitude And Impaired Judgement

Of course, carelessness can not be a significant symptom of any medical condition. But here it is referred to as the carelessness towards health issues such as delaying the visit to the doctor even in serious conditions. Also, drastic changes in decision-making and judging the situation such as wearing heavy clothes on a hot day. Usually, people do not do these things without a valid reason, if a person who is doing such things still has a logic behind these activities then there are fewer chances that they have dementia as the logical reasoning gets affected too.

Careless Attitude

6. Troubles With Abstract Thinking

When we absorb the information from our senses and connect it to the entire world, it is called abstract thinking. For example, thinking about a problem at the workplace. 

People with dementia will perhaps have trouble with solving problems, understanding the concepts and taking logical decisions.

7. Placing Things Where They Should Not Be!

Again, this is normal to put things in the odd place such as keys in the kitchen, tea in the fridge, etc. but this often happens when are distracted somewhere else or have tight schedules. In that case, the brain usually gets too tired that such things happen. But, if you are doing things more often and putting things with a conscious mind in off places. Possibly it is a sign of dementia. Such as keeping iron in the freezer, laptop in a laundry box, etc.

Placing Things Where They Should Not Be!

8. Mood Swings And Behavioural Changes

Mood swings are a common symptom of many diseases as almost all medical conditions do some changes in your brain functions. But in dementia, you may experience various moods within a short time span – from anger to cranky to calm. This is another sign of dementia.

Read our knowledge base article on “Small Things You Can Do Everyday To Improve Your Mood“.

9. Loss Of Initiative

Sometimes people lose interest in being social due to fatigue and stress. Even they do not like family gatherings too. But it is often temporary! But people with dementia may lose interest even in their close ones. They forget to care about them, do not like spending time with them, and the worst, they forget their presence (it happens usually at the last stage of dementia). 

Loss of Initiative

The Bottom Line

About 6 million Americans are suffering from Alzheimer’s (a known type of dementia). Thus it is important to spread awareness about this medical condition. Hope this blog would have catered to you with useful insights about dementia. If you could relate to these symptoms, do plan a visit to the doctor. For more health-related articles,  keep following our website blog.

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