eat these foods to fuel your body while trekking

Eat These Foods To Fuel Your Body While Trekking

WhatsApp started ringing for the trekking plans? That means summers are here! So, when is your trek trip planned? Done with the packing, or here to get some tips for packing for trekking. Well! As you know, while travelling. Oops! While trekking, food is really important. Of course, good shoes and jackets are necessary but do you have any second thoughts about not putting them in your bags? So we are not going to talk about those reluctant things. Let’s talk about something interesting which confuses a lot when packing for a trek. Obviously, the foods to eat while hiking :p

Although, you are not going to forget to pack food. Yet food for hiking and camping should be different from a regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Especially, if you are trekking for multiple days. So, get set!

Energy Foods For Hiking & Camping

You can pack as many foods as you want in your bag. All foods below are going to be energetic and will give you a good experience. Moreover, it will boost your body strength with these food items.

1. Dry Foods

You should have foods that are ready to eat with no effort. Dry foods such as roasted noodles, rice, and soup powders. You just need a bowl of hot water (which can be taken by the nearest camp vendor) and you are all set for your respective meal. All these will not only work as a filling but also are nutritious. Except for noodles, if not used wheat noodles.

Add some dry veggies and spices to enhance its taste and make it more filling. Instantly your nutritious and tasty meal will be ready.

Dry Foods

2. Granola

Granola is one of the ‘not-to-forget’ foods for hiking and camping. Its carbohydrate-rich ingredients are a must for your body to stay active and energized during the entire camping.

You can either make them at home or take pre-packed ones from the store. Make sure to grab the ones with less or no sugar, as they may not suit you during your trekking period. To satisfy your taste buds, add some dry fruits to the granola or buy a pack of it sweetened with dry fruits.

3. Fruits And Veggies

Climbing the mountains takes a lot of energy so you have to be having food in short intervals. But, they should be healthy to fuel your body and not create problems for you.

Fruits and vegetable salad will make a great filling and nutritious snack for you. Take hydrating and detoxifying fruits and veggies like cucumbers, carrots, celery, etc.

Fruits & Veggies

4. Nutrition Bars

Other than 3-time meals, some energy bars are required too, to provide instant energy and strength. These bars are rich in both protein and carbohydrates (essential for generating energy). It is the best snack to fuel your body instantly. Most importantly, it is delicious and the added dry fruits give the required vitamins and minerals.

It does not take much space and you may not get it on the tops. So it is better you pack ample nutrition bars for the entire hiking duration.

5. Trail Mix

No trekking food packing is complete without a trail mix. It is just apt for all short hunger. Just grab and forget about hunger. That’s it!

It is a mixture of nuts, dry fruits, sometimes candies, and granola. If you have it all with you, you can make it on your own too. Otherwise, they are easily available in grocery or confectionery stores.

Trail Mix

6. Hummus

Not everyone is fond of hummus. But if you like it, it is a great food to fuel your body during trekking and camping. It is high in carbohydrates, fibres, and protein. You can eat it raw or spread it on veggies, peanuts, bagels, or tortillas.

7. Instant Oatmeal

As the name suggests, these oatmeals can be made instantly. A convenient yet healthy option for trekking. Make sure you check all the ingredients before buying oatmeals as some of them have added sugar and artificial ingredients to taste better. Oatmeals are a bunch of food that is full of carbohydrates and protein.

Just grab the right pack of oatmeals and forget about the hunger issues while trekking.

Instant Oatmeal

In The End

When packing foods to eat while hiking, make sure to not take any food which is near its expiration date and requires a specific temperature for storage. Of course, you can not look for storage and desired temperature. Pack maximum non-perishable sealed or homemade foods. Also, a big no for dairy foods like tofu as they could be spoiled soon. Rest, just enjoy the trip and have a lot of healthy and tasty food. However, do not forget to eat from vendors there. Experience the mountain food, their spices, aroma, and taste are too different. And, those vendors will also get the chance to earn their living by catering to you. For more travel-related articles and information. Keep following our blog website.

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