12 essential cleaning hacks that will transform your home

12 Essential Cleaning Hacks That Will Transform Your Home

Who does not want a clean home that takes a lot of time and is difficult to spare regularly. Usually, people do the ordinary dusting, but if you want to give another look to your home. You need these essential cleaning hacks, they not only save your time but also the money you may spend on deep cleaning. So what are you waiting for? Your home transformation formula lies in this blog. Give a read to it and get it done.

Cleaning Hacks For Home Deep Cleaning


Use these tips to save your time and money, and transform your home into a palace-like clean home. 

1. Skip The Bucket While Mopping

So how many of you first clean the floor and then again clean it due to bucket prints and the water it spilt? Well, we can genuinely feel you! This happens to everyone. The problem is not with your cleaning, it’s the bucket who’s the culprit. 

Rather you can use a spray bottle to clean the floor. This way, you will kill two stones with one bird; the water will not spill which will eventually save the water. You can use such house cleaning tips as  alternatives to stay eco-friendly as well as healthy. 

Skip The Bucket While Mopping

2. Doormat

It is one of the important cleaning hacks! Once you clean your entire home, you really need a doormat to ensure that the floors won’t get dirty footprints. Especially if you have the white flooring, you can relate to this more. 

3. Vacuum The Right Way

If you think you vacuum the entire house and now it is clean, you are probably wrong. To fetch all the dirt, you should vacuum the rooms first horizontally and then vertically. It is quite important to vacuum the room correctly, otherwise having it would be a waste of money.

Vacuum The Right Way

4. Prioritise & Plan

Like any other work, it is important to plan cleaning as well. Otherwise, you will stay confused and nothing will be done. First of all, prioritise the visible places for cleaning and then start deep cleaning. 

This way, you will stay clear in mind and will be able to focus on the task rather than being under pressure of cleaning the home.

5. Clean Your Windows

This is something most people avoid if the dust is not visible. Window cleaning is essential at least once a week, if not daily. The window glass has such a surface that stores dirt, and if you do not clean them on a regular basis (once a week) they will become airborne and will spread bacteria.

Clean Your Windows

6. Clean Your Bathroom Daily

Whenever a guest visits you, they will first judge your home on the level of cleanliness and hygiene. So it is most important to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic all the time. No! We are not talking about deep cleaning. We are saying to wipe it, keep it dry and clean the footprints (if any) in the bathroom.

Just make sure there is no dirt, footprints or leftovers are there. Also, please do not hand your clothes behind the bathroom door. It does not look good.

7. Use Microfiber Cloth For Cleaning Purposes

Microfibre cloth has an electrostatic charge that holds the dust in the cloth. So if you are still struggling to find a perfect duster for daily-like dusting. Microfiber cloth is the solution. 

Also, these clothes come in different shapes and sizes to make your dusting easy.

Use Microfiber Cloth

8. Emergency Cleaning

You got a call that someone is visiting you? Ahh… do not worry at all! Look at your house at a glance. Start with the visible dirty places; clean them first and then, rush to the bathroom if it needs some quick cleaning. And, you are all set to welcome your guests. 

Food can be managed from the outside, that’s fine :p

9. Use Aluminium Pie Plates As Dust plates

Let’s talk about something sustainable. Dust plates are made of plastics that are not at all biodegradable. If you are trying to transform your home with the help of cleaning. Let’s do some eco-friendly cleaning then! 

Use aluminium pie plates as dust plates. Cut the plate into two halves and use them to pick the dirt from the floor. 

Aluminium Pie Plates

10. Floor Mop For Walls

Let’s show off some creativity. You do not need to buy a long broom, especially for the walls. You can simply use the floor mop for the same. Attach a dry cloth (microfibre cloth) to the mop and smoothly clean the walls. 

Swear to god! It is too convenient. 

11. Use Bleach For Stains

Stains are like a stubborn kid who does not stop crying until he gets what he wants! Similarly, the stubborn stains need bleach to leave their stubbornness. 

Just apply a bleach-soaked paper towel to the stain and make the pressure with any marble or glass vase so that it won’t fly out. Keep it overnight and in the morning, just wipe it simply, it will remove the carpet stains. If not, do the same again.

Use Bleach For Stains

12. Use Duct Tape For Pet’s Hair

We all love pets but not their hair on the couch. Ahhh…. Why does their hair fall so much! But that’s okay because now we have the solution to deal with their hair. Just roll the duct tape (sticky side outside) on any roller or sponge, etc. and roll it over the entire couch. The duct tape will fetch all hair and leave a clean couch for you. Feels so convenient. 

The Bottom Line


Cleaning the house is not a big task if you follow these deep cleaning tips and essential cleaning hacks. Do share your cleaning experience by using these tips in the comment section, we would love to hear from you.

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