Eye Shadows can add Grace to your Eyes

Whether you plan to go for the New Year party or for prom night, or any wedding, makeup is very essential when you really plan to shine in the party. The most expressive and beautiful part of your body, i.e. your eyes should look the best. So when you talk about makeup, eye shadow is the most important thing which really adds an extra grace to your eyes and makes you feel more confident while you attend the party.

But applying eye shadow is the trickiest job if you are the beginner. This is because the eyes have no limitations. Eye shadows not only helps in making your eyes look big, but it gives a dramatic looks to your eyes. Each shade and tone define some or the other thing for your eyes and helps in drawing others attention towards you. It works as a beauty enhancer for you if applied properly. You have to keep many a things in your mind while applying eye shadow especially if you are beginner these tips and techniques will really help you in enhancing your beauty.

    • Select The Correct Eye Shadow Form: firstly, selecting the correct eye shadow form is a very complex task, but if you choose the correct eye shadow form then half of your work is done. Eye shadows are available in different formulations, each with their own uniqueness. According to the experts, matte eye shadows are perfect for the beginners because they blend very easily. Matte eye shadow can be used for both day time functions as well as for the night party. Beginners can also opt for powdery eye shadow which can also be used in place of eyeliners if the shade of the eye shadow is densely pigmented.
    • Choosing Correct Color Option: choice of color is again a difficult task because all it matters is the choice of right eye shadow color. So the safest way is to go with black or brown color, but these colors are bit old fashioned and the latest trend demands for attractive and cool colors which includes green, blue and turquoise or some elegant colors like gray, metallic and charcoal, which gives smoky looks to the eyes. The choice of the color must be done according to your complexion otherwise it could give a mismatched look to you. Basically dark green color goes well with all complexions. Those who have narrow eyes, metallic shades are best for them as applying them can make your eyes look bigger in size. You can choose the shade of eye shadow according to the dress you decided to wear in the party or even you can choose contrast colors also as they are in trend now a days.
  • Getting the Natural Look: Applying darker shades and mismatched colors would simply ruin your makeup, so you should try to apply natural looking eye shades and for this powder matte eye shadows really go well. Try to choose neutral colors because they are the finest colors. Some of these shades include beige, ivory, shades of browns and grays.
  • Test of the Skin Tone: Before you choose any eye shadow for yourself, a skin tone test is very important because if you choose wrong eye shadow for yourself then your overall appearance will get affected. Usually there are eye shades which don’t go well with your skin complexion so testing the shades before purchasing could be very beneficial for you. Now if you have dark complexion, you should choose darker shades for yourself because if you choose any lighter shade, it will not blend properly on your eyes giving them a dusty look.
  • Limit the Colors: Blending two or three shades of eye shadows can really make your eyes look attractive but usage of too many colors can really be very distracting. You can’t take your eyes for granted and so you should be very selective regarding the number of colors you use. You can choose the common two color eye shadow, which means applying lighter shades to the lid area and darker shades in the crease slightly blending it upward. When you apply lighter color to the entire lid it makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Three color eye shadow give more detailed look to your eyes by adding extra darker shade to the already applied two colors. Indeed choosing best colors for your eyes can be a tricky job but with practice you can really make improvements.

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  1. I don’t have much time in mornings, I don’t use eye shadow but I would like to start, Thanx for the info.

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