bedroom interior design mistakes and how to fix them

Bedroom Interior Design Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Designing a house to reflect its owners is all the rage nowadays. Additionally, home tours of celebrities on every social media platform have encouraged an increasing number of people to redesign their own houses. But, due to a lack of experience, people often end up making untasteful choices that they later regret.

The bedroom is the one place in our house where we spend the most time (Apart from the kitchen of course). We see it when we wake up, it’s in front of us when we go to sleep. 

Therefore decorating a bedroom wisely is a task we should not neglect. We are here to help you with a list of the most common interior design mistakes so that you can choose the unmissable interior design for your home.

Bedroom Interior Design Mistakes:

1) Too Many Mirrors

 A recent interior design trend that has been going around is decorating a space with mirrors. This bohemian look is indeed eye-capturing and gives character to the house. However, if a person decorates their bedroom space with mirrors, it is very likely that they’ll start being afraid of the dark. At night, everything seems to be more scary and even a shadowy reflection of ourselves can be enough to give us a scare. 

Hence, adorning the walls with too many mirrors of the place where you sleep is not a good idea.  

Too Many Mirrors

2) Excessive Photographs

An excellent way to express our love for things and people, photographs on walls have never gotten out of fashion. However, there is something to be said about being surrounded by a sea of photographs, no matter where you look, especially in a bedroom. 

The place where we sleep and relax should never look like a shrine to anyone, including ourselves. It can appear gaudy and self-obsessed if seen in that light by different people. Moreover, the plethora of photos doesn’t provide the opportunity to focus on just one or two important ones. In fact, due to the presence of so many of them, people often lose focus on why they had any photographs at all. The reason for which is usually to cherish the memories they hold. Therefore, it is wise to pick only a few that matter most to you.

3) Cluttering

The first and the most one of the most common bedroom interior design mistakes is cluttering. People often think of hoarding everything in one room to make it more appealing. However more often than not, due to the objects placement or just in general, the room appears messy and cluttered. An impression that we are not keen on leaving on our guests or even ourselves. 

Some of the things you can try to declutter your room are – 

  1. Try moving your books and other knick-knacks from tables onto wall shelves. 
  2. Don’t put too many plants in your room. It’s a place to sleep not a garden. Just one or two are more than enough. 
  3. Invest in some compact baskets to hold all things like soft toys or dirty clothes and keep them in the corner of the room. 
  4. Build a shoe shelf for your shoes with the help of minimal shoe closets that can be easily found in Ikea. Instead of keeping them with their boxes, which requires more space. This way you can maximize the space and use it for some other purpose.


4) Loud Paint/Wallpaper

Another common bedroom interior design mistake is choosing a paint or wallpaper that you can’t stand to live with in the long run. If you’re the type of a person who likes bright colours, you can try highlighting one side wall in a dark colour and the rest in the same colour’s neutral tones. This will cause a pleasant effect on the eyes and the room and cause it to look attractive and pleasing. 

However if you do not like loud colours or designs, do not think of highlighting a wall with them. You will not be able to feel comfortable in it, in the long run. For you to highlight a wall, you can think of adorning a couple of photos on the same neutral paint or wallpaper you picked out. You can also consider investing in some wall hangings that give a lot of character and don’t feel alien either. 

Loud Paint/Wallpaper

5) Overcrowding Furniture

There is no need for a pouffe and sofa and chairs AND an ottoman all in one room. No one treats a bedroom as a sitting room. Sitting rooms are differently designed because their purpose is different. Try minimalism when it comes to placing furniture in the bedroom. We all do need space to move around and excess furniture only hampers the regular movement. 

6) Colour Scheme

Last but not the least, it is VERY IMPORTANT to follow a colour scheme. Not following a colour scheme is one of the most common interior design mistakes. It creates a look of haphazardness and does not give out the impression we probably intend to. 

When you start on redecorating your bedroom or designing it for the first time, think of the colour scheme you want to follow. There are several options in both neutral, bright and combination tones available on the internet. Consult them and pick out your furniture, carpet, bedsheets, frames if any, shelves in the same colour scheme. This will create an aura of classic elegance and will cause anyone to be impressed. More importantly though you will love it and finally be at ease when you go to sleep or wake up.

We hope you found these tips on common interior design mistakes useful. Stay tuned for many more!

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