ways to stay safe and avoid petty theft while travelling

Ways To Stay Safe And Avoid Petty Theft While Travelling

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“To travel is to live”, said Hans Christian Anderson. I think we can all agree with how true it is! Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures of life. It gives us an opportunity to fly away from our day-to-day struggles and experience something that gives us joy and contentment. Though sometimes, that joy is hampered by pickpockets. 

Pickpocketing and petty theft are an undeniable part of every trip. Lucky are the people who have never witnessed or experienced it. But, we think we speak for most of the travellers when we say, as much as we try to be careful, we do end up getting swindled in some way or the other. 

Therefore, after much pondering and discussion, we think we have been able to come up with some excellent ideas that will help you in outsmarting pickpockets and thieves on your next trip!

Ways To Stay Safe And Avoid Petty Theft:

1. Carry Your Bag In Front Of Your Body

Getting things stolen from crowded public transport is almost a rite of passage for every traveller. Whether it’s buses or trains, for pickpockets and thieves it is a treasure mine. It’s mainly because people carry their bag and wallet on their arms or back, which remain out of their sight.

Travelling in buses and trains is the most viable option for many outsider travellers. Therefore, when you visit a foreign place and need to travel in public transport, you should always carry the bag or the wallet in the front of the body to keep an eye on it. This act will not only discourage any potential thieves, but also keep you safe.Carry Your Bag

2. Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Whether you are travelling alone or with someone else, always make sure to divide the money between yourselves or your own pockets. This is to make it difficult for the thieves to pickpocket all of your valuable cash in case they get to you. 

You can also consider investing in a prepaid money card from your local bank that works where you plan to go. The card works as an equivalent to cash in most tourist places and is easier to carry or hide in an inside pocket.

3. Leave Your Expensive Things In The Hotel

Passports and money, these are the two things most likely to get stolen on a trip. While we need money to eat, travel and survive basically, we can leave passports in the safe of the hotel to avoid its petty theft. Most hotels nowadays are equipped with good quality safes and they are perfect for storing your precious items.

The same goes for expensive valuables like watches or jewellery. As a tourist looking to explore their surroundings, we don’t have much need to wear flashy and expensive accessories that can become a target for thieves. Keep Jewellery safe and wear them at dinners or parties where you’ll find more people in the crowd accessorised the same as you. Therefore, it is best to keep all your expensive things stored in a safe place, preferably your hotel, when you are out exploring.

Leave Your Expensive Things In The Hotel

4. Stitch An Inside Pocket (Or Stick It On!)

What pickpockets can’t see, they can’t rob either. Consider stitching an inside pocket in your dresses, trousers or shirts where you can safely store your money. There are also stick-on pockets available on amazon that do the job equally well. You can stick them on the inside of your clothes. It is possible that you might face some inconvenience or embarrassment while extracting money from there. However, the more important thing to remember is that you are on a holiday and you need to keep your cash safe. This hack is one of the best ways to avoid theft in crowded areas.  

5. Take Advantage Of Delivery Services

Shopping is a must for any outing! Galavanting new markets, browsing stores and buying souvenirs or gifts is something all of us do on a holiday. While these sprees are very enjoyable, they can become a target for thieves and pickpockets. While they may not be able to sneakily steal the bigger stuff, it can become an opportunity for them to steal cash or other smaller valuables among your shopping.

To prevent and outsmart pickpockets and thieves, ask the store to deliver your purchase to your hotel. That way you also don’t have to tote around a weight wherever you go.

Take Advantage Of Delivery Services

6. Stay Vigilant

The most important point on how to avoid pickpockets and stay safe is to stay VIGILANT!

Thanks to technology, we have at our disposal an array of reviews about a place. Be mindful and check the places you plan to visit beforehand. Also, avoid shady looking or quiet areas during the night time because we never know when disaster might strike. 

When walking in a crowd, try to keep a hand on your bag to discourage petty thieves. You should also be alert and on your guard for potential attempts at pickpocketing such as the distraction technique. In this technique, a person distracts you, while another attempts to rob you, therefore keeping your wits about you in such a scenario will work splendidly and thwart any attempts by the pickpockets. No matter how innocent looking a person is, because sometimes Theft also use children to distract you, never fall for such schemes by keeping alert and mindful of your things.

Stay safe and keep travelling! And, keep following for more tips.

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