the lakeland larder

The Lakeland Larder

Every region has a speciality signature dish or products made with local produce which is exclusive to the county. Lake District is no exception. It’s a larder of impeccable traditional produce and products made using traditional methods with recipes passed over generations in small batches to ensure quality and immaculate flavour.

Cumbria lake district not just enfolds enchanting scenic views and stunning landscape but is a Food lover’s nirvana destination. Lake district has something to offer to each and sundry visitor, whether it is food or drink. Grasmere offers the famed appetising gingerbread which is loved equally by old & young alike. This gastronomic afternoon tea delight was created using simple ingredients at home, but that Cottage has become a Landmark for any foodie, now known as The Grasmere Gingerbread Shop.

Lake district is also famous for the world-renowned Kendal Mint Cake and the classic dessert Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding which is a must for folks with a sweet tooth. Then there are the Damsons and the Bilberries. You might have had these in your life earlier but the taste of these in the Lake district is exceptional. There are more of these exemplary appetising grubs available in the lake district.

Here is an Infographic with all the details of the scrumptious produce and gastronomies on offer at the Lake District. Whether you are planning a hiking trip or a family holiday in the outdoors do not forget to take a taste of region and taking back the delectable edible souvenirs way back home.


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