best food for vitamin d

Best food for Vitamin D

Taking a healthy diet and exercising regularly is the key to live a healthy life and keep our body safe and healthy. Vitamin D is really important for our body because it plays an important role in make the bones of the body strong. Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium into the bones.

Mostly sunlight is the main source of vitamin D but there is a wide range of foods which provide a significant amount of Vitamin D to the body. Vitamin D also plays an important role in making the skin healthy, tight and glowing by providing the essential nutrients and also slows down the aging process.

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In this article, we will provide you all the important information about the best and top most foods which contain healthy nutrients and have a rich amount of vitamin D in them. We will also provide every detail about the benefits and advantages of the use of the food which contains vitamin D in them as the daily intake.

We will provide you all these types of vitamin D rich food in detail and give you information about their uses and resources. So here is the list of all the important and best food which are the best sources of vitamin D.

Wild Caught Fish: Fishes are the best source of vitamin D for the human body because they are rich in many nutrients like Vitamin D, Anti-oxidants and also a good source of protein. Many fishes like Solomon and sardines are rich in vitamin D and provide a good amount of vitamin D to absorb the calcium in the bones and make the bones strong. Vitamin D also helps to increase the working of the brain and helps to build good reflexes.

Cod liver oil is also a derivative of fishes which are a great source of vitamin D. Only one tablespoon of Cod liver oil contains the daily requirement of vitamin D for the body. It also results in restoring the balance of nutrients in the body.


Raw Milk: Milk is the best source of calcium for the bones and mostly milk contains a little amount of vitamin D in it so that the calcium present in it could be absorbed in the bones and make them strong.

On the other have raw milk contains a lot of Vitamin D in it and its abundance in raw milk makes it one of the best sources of vitamin D to the body. Only a single glass of raw milk is enough for the daily body requirement of vitamin D.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms are a delicious item of food with an abundance of vitamin D in it. They are very delicious and provide a good amount of vitamin D to the body and help the body to regain the strength of the bones and also make the muscles stronger improving their tendons and making the muscles grab the bones more firmly.

Almonds: Almonds are the dry fruits which provide a large amount of vitamin D to the body and almost ten almonds are enough to fulfill the daily requirement of the body throughout the day. Almonds also result in sharpening your mind and increasing its capabilities of work.


Vitamin D is an essential nutrient in our body and helps in various things to keep the body physique good and intact. I am sure you will love this article because it contains researched and useful content which will be really helpful for you in most of the matters related to foods which contain vitamin D.

I hope this article and all the information present in it will help you to rectify all the questions and queries which were bothering you for a very long time but if there is still something left which is left unclear than feel free to ask us anything without any hesitation.

We will provide you all the important and researched information which you deem necessary to know about. We will provide you all the answers, to the questions you seek, in our upcoming articles so stay tuned and be ready for more updated articles.

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