essential things you should keep in your car for safety and convenience

Essential Things You Should Keep in Your Car for Safety and Convenience

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Are you planning to go out for holidays via car? Then this blog is for you. I am sure the information that I am going to share with you will definitely be helpful during your long drive. Actually, in a hurry sometimes we forget to carry some essential things with us when going via car. So, here is the list of 15 essential things you should have in car for safety is:

  • A Car User Manual Book: A “Car Manual” guide should be carry during the long drive. In this booklet you will find a solution of your problem in emergencies.
  • Keep an Extra Mobile Phone: It is the first main thing on Car essentials list, carry an extra but switched off mobile phone with full battery charged as it will help you in emergencies such as when your main phone get off and you need to dial an emergency number.
  • Water Bottles: it is another essential thing to carry with you during leaving home via car. Keep some water bottles with you. Most of the people think that water bottles can be bought on the way, but just in case if your car stuck at the place where you can’t find water to drink then these bottles will help you.
  • Car Repair Tools: A car repair tool kit must be there in the car as it is a one of the best things you should have in car for safety. If your car get puncture then you can change a car tire with the help of jack and tools without wasting a single minute. If you don’t know how to change the tire, take help from “Car User Manual” booklet.
  • Carry an Extra Dress: If it is a single day trip, then still you need to carry an extra changing dress with you, just in case, when you changed the tire in rain or snow fall, then you need to change your wet clothes, because it is a bad idea to sit back on drive seat with wet clothes.
  • Snacks and Drinks: Carry your favorite snacks and drinks with you, just in case if you’re stuck have to wait for someone and you could not find any market around the place, then these snacks and drinks will help you in your hunger.
  • First-Aid Kit: in car essential kit, the first-aid kit should be on top, if you or someone get injuries, in that case you can use the essential ointment to stop the bleeding. Carry some painkiller medicine too.
  • Towel: Towel is a vital thing to carry with you as it will dry you up when you getting drenched in rain, ice and also prevent you from mud.
  • A Booster Cable: This will enable you to get your car started when your car battery dead, and also you can help someone to fix the same problem.
  • Blankets: Keep a blanket with you, in winter night it will prevent you from cold air.
    A Spare Tire: A spare Tire must be there in the car. When your tire gets burst, in such emergency, you can replace the burst tire with the spare tire.
  • A Tire Pressure Gauge: A tire air gauge will help you when your car tires deflated rapidly. Using a tire gauge you can blow air pressure in emergencies.
  • Sanitation: keep hand sanitizer, some toilet papers, hand wash liquid, etc. it will keep you hygienic during the log drive.
  • Keep Some Cash with You: it’s okay, if you have credit and debit cards, but on the toll you need cash to pay, so cash is an essential thing to carry with you.
  • Flash Light: A flashlight is better than your mobile’s light, keep one magnetic flashlight for emergency, a magnet will free your hands to take care the car in emergency plus your mobile battery will not drain.

Moreover, these 15 essential things will definitely help you in the emergencies. You have to keep these entire essential things with you; it will not even prevent you from the problems but also save your time.

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