apps to find lost and stolen phone

Apps to find Lost and Stolen Phone

With the growing complexities of life, Smart Phones have become the integral part of life. These days it becomes very difficult to perform routine activities, i.e. communication, data transfer, socializing or entertainment without the use of smart phones or tablets.

In the event of mobile being lost and stolen it can lead to financial loss, reputation loss, confidential data loss, sabotage and legal issues. So it is very important to secure our smart phones in order to run smoothly life.

Here is a list of best security apps.

Free Lost phone Tracker- PlanB

You can Download PlanB app by Lookout Mobile Security from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. This app is very easy to use, provided you have a Google account and access to the Android market. This app will work automatically. The location of your phone will be sent to your Google account when you sent the text “Locate” from another mobile to your lost mobile. It keeps you updated via E-mail the location of lost phone for ten minutes. After Ten minutes to get the location updating, text again. If your Phone is not connected to the internet then SMS will be sent by software instead of E-mail.


Cerberus is the best app that can help you to track your lost and stolen phone. This app provides for many more features that can recover your phone or tablet and identify the location. Its free Trial version is available for one week. You can also subscribe for its lifetime license for Just 4.99€. Multiple Phones and tablets (Up to 3) can be protected with the same Cerberus Account.

You can protect your Device in three ways:

  • Control Via Website (
  • Control via SMS from another device
  • Automatic Alerts

This app prevents the thief to shut down the Phone and uninstall the Cerberus App by enabling the “Block Power Menu” and “Protect Device Admin” options in Device Administration Box.

McAfee Antivirus and Security

McAfee Mobile Security from Intel Security is an award winning company. It keeps your devices protected all the time. You can download its One-week trial version for free, after that you can use it by paying a very reasonable amount and you will be subscribed to many Protections like

  • Anti-Theft & Security
  • Anti-virus & Web
  • Apps Privacy

Where’s My Droid

By installing Where’s My Droid app, It becomes very easy to locate your lost phone. With this app you can avail many other features:

  • It notifies you when the SIM is changed.
  • It protects your apps from unauthorized changes.
  • Its Sleath Mode helps to hide messages.
  • It locates your phone using GPS Location.

You can Also download its PRO Version which provides more advanced protection:-

  • Prevents unauthorized uninstallation of apps.
  • Activate the app by using Landline.
  • When the phone is lost, customize its ringtone.
  • Hide any app Icon.
  • Remotely make your device password protected.
  • Remotely format your SD card And Device Data.

This app finds your phone by notifying the location of lost phone on Google Maps.

Prey Anti- theft

Prey Anti – theft app is also very useful. You have to download this app on your phone before it is being lost. This App is working for all operating systems. This app has many features like notifying location, Remote locking systems and automatic alarms. You can also protect this app from being uninstalled.

Security and antivirus| Lookout

This app is offered by Lookout Security & Antivirus, helps your devices from theft and viruses. You can find your phone on Google map, when you logged on with your registered Account. You can back up and control the data from anywhere and anytime through your registered email.

Avast! Anti-theft

Avast has also provided Anti-theft app apart from anti-virus app. This app helps you Track your phone’s Location. It has also automatic alerts and remote locking system. You can erase your data from anywhere, when your phone is lost. Its Sleath mode option will hide the app icon from your phone and don’t let anyone uninstall this app. It will also notify you when the SIM card is changed from your device.

Seek Droid

Seek Droid is also the best app which help you to track your phone. You can easily locate your Smartphone by logging into your registered account.  You can remotely lock, Set, off the alarm, and remotely erase the data from your phone. The premium version of seek droid app will continuously track the device through “Breadcrumb Location”.  You also get notified of recent calls and battery status.

It is very difficult to locate a smartphone, so you should download the app keeping in mind the features and services provided by it. You should do proper analysis of functions performed by these apps.

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