Best Fitness Apps for a Healthy Body

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Health conscious people do a lot to stay fit. Now-a-days, it becomes very expensive to work out in gyms and other fitness centers. Some people prefer medical treatments to look fit. So it amounts to wastage of funds.

Now there are so many apps available which helps you to monitor your fitness. We have worked out to find the best apps for you to stay fit. Whether you are a beginner or habitual to workout, these will prove the best workout apps for you.

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer app by skimble is freely available on iTunes app store or Google play store. This is the best fitness app that helps you to get into shape. Step-by-step workouts with audio and visual instructions will be encouraged by certified personal trainers. You can easily practice yoga, lose weight and get six pack ABS.

The Workout Trainer app is very useful to get perfect shape of body without any cost. These workouts are also available online (

Pocket Yoga

The Pocket Yoga app can be downloaded on Android and iOS at a very reasonable cost. You can stay healthy by using less area of floor. You can select from three Different practices, three different levels and three different durations. This app provides you Audio and Video instructions which help you throughout stretching and breathing.

Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute workout

Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute workout app has a number of easy 7 minute workouts. You can easily exercise with the help of a chair, floor and a wall. This app will motivate you to keep going and exercising with more structured routines and also provides you fitness videos. You can download this app from the App store and Google play store for free.


JEFIT app provides you very simple workouts. By installing this app, you will own a personal fitness trainer who will help you for all types of exercises, whether for body building or regular exercises. There are more than 1300 exercises available on this app. You will easily concentrate on workouts by following its instructions. With this app you can also communicate with their fitness team to get more tips.


With FitStar app you own your training coach who will help you to burn calories and lose weight. This app makes you to workout according to your caliber and physical capabilities. You can custom the duration of routine workouts and fitness targets. You can also choose the difficulty of the workout after learning basic exercises.


Sworkit is afree app on android and iOS. It provides you to select your target area like Stretching, cardio, Pilates and strength training. You can schedule your workout, which more suited you. Professional Trainers will help you in your routines through video demonstration. These exercises don’t require expensive exercise equipment.  This app makes you feel motivated by working out harder. It provides a variety of workouts and make sure that you don’t get bored.

Strava Running

Download Strava app for free on android and iOS. It makes workout, fun for users. With this app you will be added to the best fitness community. It makes you a h3er and harder person. You can earn points as well as bonus by using this app. It is a very powerful app with a lot of fitness exercises. It encourages you to take workout challenges.

If you want to stay fit, then these apps will motivate you to live healthy. By choosing a suitable app according to your fitness type will saves your time and money.

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