Can we Imagine this World without Technology?

We are living in an information age, where technology has enlightened our minds and enriched our lives. Technology is growing at an exponential rate. Where ever,we look,all around us,we can see the presence of technology. One way or the other,technology influences our present life and future plans also.Earlier the use of IT was limited to professionals like scientists, bankers, etc. but with the invention of personal computers, technology is now deep-rooted in our daily life and it is gaining momentum with each passing day. This revolutionary development from generation to generation has made technology an inseparable part of our life. It is hard to imagine a day without technology. From the moment of ringing of the alarm clock till the time,one goes to bed; we get exposed to various inventions and developments of technology.

Information technology has made our lives more flexible, easy, quick, convenient, dynamic and comfortable. The speed and pace in which technology is advancing is making us faster in communicating and sharing of information and doing our daily tasks.

Technology has made life more enjoyable. Television is one of the most entertaining inventions of technology. Apart from being a tool of getting entertained at home,it also became the way to interact with family members,where the family often joins each other and watch and share their views about various shows and other things of their interest.

Internet is also one of the most importantinventions oftechnology of the 21st century that has drastically changed the way of living,the lifestyle of the persons. We all use internet on a daily basis to send emails, to search out information of any type, to send instant messages, to shop, to make new friends as well as stay in touch with old friends. When we go to a place, where there is no internet connection, we feel as if some part of our body is not working.

Another revolution of technology was mobile technology.Mobile phones have become so much important device that we start our day and end as well with a mobile phone.It has the entire multimedia feature that it can be used in place of an alarm clock,calculator and mp3 player as well. Its connectivity with internet has made it smarter and it has become a tool for social networking. So this allowed us to connect on a much higher social level than ever before.

Due to the birth of computer technology, we now have plastic money, in the form of credit,debit cards. It has provided safety to persons from theft of losing money and provided convenience to travel cash-less and pay through plastic money.

Technology has made our life much more comfortable than ever before.We can do everything sitting comfortably at home. Almost everything revolves around technology now. We are so much accustomed to technology today. We rely on technology so much that, without it we feel so alone, as if we have lost a family member. Electronic devices,multimedia and computers are things we have to deal with them every day. So all in all,information technology affected our lives positively by promoting quick and convenient learning,enhancing the flow and speed of communication, giving pump to interact via various social networking sites and building professional relationships through networking. From dusk to dawn,it is technology that gave us a sense of completeness and made our life easy.

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