7 essential tips on how to choose eco-friendly furniture

7 Essential Tips On How To Choose Eco-Friendly Furniture

Furniture is an essential whether it’s a home or an office. You can not compromise with the quality and appearance of the furniture. Like people are judged with their dressing sense. Home or office is judged with the furniture. However, there is a thing that everyone residing on the Earth needs to understand that Earth is our primary place of residence. We have to take care of it, rather all of us need to change some of our habits and ways to help it heal sooner. 

We are saying this all because if you are reading this blog right now that means you or someone very close to you is planning to buy furniture really soon. Here in this blog we are going to give you tips to buy eco-friendly furniture. 

How To Choose Environmentally-Friendly Furniture


You all must have heard many tips and advices regarding eco-friendly homes, food, vehicles and even eco-friendly life but quite less people like us talk about eco-friendly furniture. Let’s discuss how you can revamp your home’s look with environment friendly furniture. 

1. Buy furniture With Heirloom Quality

First of all, give preference to the quality. If you will buy durable furniture it will last for generations resulting in less production that will eventually reduce harmful gas emissions. 

Your money investment could be more as compared to the furniture you may get. However, furniture with Heirloom quality add value to your home and contribute to save environment. 

Buy furniture with Heirloom quality

2. Switch To Minimalism

Minimalism is not about owning less, it is about owning how much is genuinely required. After seeing that customers are now becoming more environment-friendly, furniture manufacturers have started producing multi-purpose furniture.

For instance, sofa-cum-bed, multipurpose chairs, stools with storage, etc. 

Owning such furniture can help you owning less yet useful i.e., owning ‘less is more.’ This again contributes to produce less and reduce your carbon footprint

3. Check Sustainable Wood Certificate

Even the governments encourage to buy furniture that is eco-friendly. That is why they issue a sustainable wood certificate for quality and right material assurance. 

Maximum consumer prefer to have wood furniture that puts so much pressure on the wood. To create a balance, buy wooden furniture that has been crafted from sustainably harvested forests, reclaimed wood, and tree farms, etc. 

Buy wooden furniture that is certified by the government for its sustainability.

sustainable wood certificate

4. Buy Recyclable Furniture

Buying furniture that is eco-friendly and of good quality is good. However, buying something is recyclable too is best. Furniture which is recyclable either as it is or by disassembling is an add-on advantage for the owner and environment. 

Choosing recyclable furniture can keep your it away from landfill as it would have the potential to be remade or re-purposed.

5. Buy Products Made With Recyclable Products

Reproducing furniture from the recyclable products is much easier than producing it with raw materials. However, not every recyclable material is used for making recyclable furniture. 

In order to maintain the quality of the final product, only products that are certified Cradle to Cradle (C2C).

Buy products made with recyclable products

6. Try Buying Bamboo Furniture

A super sustainable furniture that grows fast and extremely durable is one of the best wooden choices for furniture. Not only it grows faster, it is too versatile that it can be purposed into flooring as well as modern furnishing. 

Unfortunately, even after so many advantages, it is not the perfect eco-friendly wood. It is sticked together with glue which contains toxic and harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. Moreover, it sucks up all soil nutrition and uses tons of water.

7. Reclaimed Wood Could Be A Considerable Choice

Reclaimed wood is a kind of wood that is re-purposed from the wood acquired by old buildings, fences, furniture, and other places. Wood stays as is for long time, especially if taken care of well. 

This, buying reclaimed wood furniture is non-expensive as well as green decision.

Reclaimed wood could be a considerable choice

8. Purchase Less Toxic Furniture

Not only furniture material, even every bit of the furniture should be non or less toxic. There are many chemical(toxic) materials that are used to make furniture. Their toxicity keeps roaming in the air i.e. called off-gassing, making air pollutant. 

Buy furniture that is made of non-harmful chemicals. However, it would be difficult for you to differentiate which ones are non-toxic. Even the supplier may not know this much about the product. 

There’s a simple trick to buy the non-toxic furniture is to check for Greengaurd certified furniture. Or else, you can have products that are less likely to be treated with chemicals. For instance, couches that are upholstered in organic cotton.

The Bottom Line


Furniture is indeed a most important part of the house that nobody would like to compromise with. However, we are not saying to compromise. Not even to adjust. Rather buy which is of good quality. It will ultimately contribute to save the environment and our first residential place, The Earth.

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