know the tricks to outsmart pickpockets and thieves

Know the Tricks To Outsmart Pickpockets and Thieves

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Travelling is fun! But many times pickpockets and thieves make it sour. Wherever you go, you will find them. Also, they dress so well that you may be unable to recognize them. They will look like a normal local citizen roaming around. Yet they can be too friendly, but that could be someone’s welcoming nature as well. Thus, you shouldn’t give much information about yourself such as your travel destination, travelling purpose, and definitely nothing about the money or valuables you are carrying. Not just this, we have many more tips to share for outsmarting pickpockets and thieves.

Tips To Outsmart Pickpockets And Thieves


These tips are ample to stay safe from thieves while travelling. 

1. Do Not Pack Valuables

Carrying valuables while travelling especially by public transport is almost like serving the plate to thieves. If it is not necessary, do not travel with your valuable belongings. It is human nature, that whenever you have something valuable. You become more careful about your belongings. The pickpockets look for such people and they identify them quickly.

Do not pack Valuables

2. Make It Trashy

If you have to take the valuable stuff with you, then make sure you pack them like they are not at all valuable to you or reselling them could be hard.

Wrap it with bubble wraps, and paste some boring or unwanted stickers on them to make it look invaluable.

Make sure you do not check on that stuff purposely on a very frequent basis. Or you can simply put it in front of your eyes so no one even touches it and you do not need to check on it again and again. 

3. Use Your Creative Mind To Hide Your Belongings

We have seen many amazing places where people have kept their precious stuff. Such as sunscreen bottles, food containers, small brown boxes, etc.

You also think of some interesting ways to hide your valuables where pickpockets will not even think of checking.

Hide Your Belongings

4. Pack Your Bag With Many Packets

The very first target of all pickpockets is usually your bag. First of all, they will see what all you are keeping and taking out of your bag. Then, they will steal your belongings from it.

Remember! Bags can be unzipped easily. You must pack your important stuff deep down in the bag. And, keep a lot of packets at the top of your bag so that if someone tries to check for belongings, the sounds of those packets will create a decent noise to let you know about the event.

5. Do Not Mention The Valuables You Are Carrying Publicly

These thieves are too clever. They judge you with your talks. Try to avoid answering calls that may give them a hint about your worth or the stuff you are carrying. 

Or at least, do not talk about the precious items you are carrying. Otherwise, you will be more prone to get robbed.

Do Not Mention The Valuables You Are Carrying Publically

6. Buy Backpacks With Hidden Pockets

Let’s talk practically! These thieves must be knowing all the hidden pockets. Yet it is too difficult to reach there. These hidden pockets are inside the bag and attached to the lining. If anyone will try to steal from there, will be caught easily. Thus, they will not even try to do that. 

7. Wear Clothes With Smart Pockets

No! There is no technology in this :p Clothes with smart pockets have hidden pockets. These clothes look similar to normal clothing so it is hard to identify that you are wearing clothes with smart pockets. Thus, your money, cards and other valuables will stay safe.

Also, if they get to know about the pockets, they will perhaps not attempt because they know you will catch them.

Wear Clothes With Smart Pockets

8. Wear A Money Belt

Whomsoever thought of making this should be blessed by the almighty. You can tie a money belt on your waist under the cloth you are wearing. Lift our t-shirt a bit to take out the cash whenever required. 

Now you only think, who will try to steal stuff right from your waist!

9. Do Not Keep All Money At One Spot

God forbid if a thief succeeds in his attempt, you will be left with nothing. Take some cash with you and pack the rest wallet essentials like cards, and passports at different places privily.

And of course, you know that the money and other valuables are kept separately, So he will not check for more stuff and leave.

Do Not Keep All Money At One Spot

The Bottom Line


While travelling, only focuses on the fun. Rest you can manage with these tips. Believe us, these are the best ways to avoid pickpockets. All you need is to take care that they do not get to know about the place you have kept your valuables. However, if it is visible, make sure you keep it too close to yourself so that the thief does not even think of stealing it. Keep following our blog for more interesting ways and tricks to make your travel much better.

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