6 exercises to get that perfectly chiselled jawline

6 Exercises To Get That Perfectly Chiselled Jawline

There could be many reasons to have an undefined jawline. No matter if you are an old or mid-age individual or a teenager, both of you must be looking for exercises to get the desired jawline. Fortunately, we have some jawline exercises in hand that may help to get a perfectly chiseled jawline.

Exercises To Get Chiselled Jawline


Having a desiring jawline is a dream that can come true with these jawline exercises. All you need is to follow this workout routine religiously.

1. Neck Curl-Up

It’s as chest crunches only. The basic difference is, these are for your neck. This exercise will help you to activate the front muscles of your neck. You can begin with 3 Sets and 10 Reps. Gradually you can increase the number of sets.

Step 1: You will need to lie down on your back’s support with your tongue pushing the roof of your mouth.

Step 2: Bring your chin slowly to your chest, lift your head around 2-3cm above the ground.

Step 3: Lower your head back slowly and repeat. Make sure you do not stress your neck in the process. You should not feel hurt while performing this exercise.

This exercise will not only help to reduce jawline fats. It will also help you to prevent jaw pain, neck pain, headache. Also, it lessens the effects of temporomandibular disorders or chronic jaw, neck, bones or nerves pains. 

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2. Clench And Release

Clenches are good for jaw toning. However, you may feel uncomfortable and sensation in your teeth. It is one of the best exercises for the chiselled jawline. Also, it is one of the easiest exercises one can do, and it can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

Step 1: Clenching aka grinding your jaw for around 10-15 seconds or more (as per your comfort), and then release it. 

Slep 2: You shall start with 2-3 sets of 10-15reps.

On top of everything, it doesn’t have a mere one benefit. Clenches offer better sleep and reduce headaches. On the contrary, make sure you do not hamper your oral health.

3. Collar Bone Backup

The collar bone is considered a beauty bone too, as it defines your body’s alignment. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise for it. You are already doing this while listening to a hip-hop song! Yes, it’s as easy to get the desired jawline with collar bone backup. All you need to do is bring your head at the front and then flex it back, that’s it!

It’s as easy as entertaining that you will not forget it. Of course, who forgets to flex your head while listening to a dance-like song. So bring on your earphones and get set to go. 

Collar Bone Backup

4. Tongue Twister

Ah! One more easy exercise for the jawline. It feels like it’s so easy to get the desired jawline. All you need is to follow such easy exercises. That’s it. 

Step 1: Roll your tongue to the roof of your mouth (behind your teeth)

Step 2: Try to cover your mouth roof by applying pressure from your tongue

Step 3: Start creating sensational sounds by performing the above steps

5. Vowel Sounds

Vowel sounds benefits are not limited to giving a jawline shape. It has a lot more to give a human body. Vowel sounds ‘O’ and ‘E’ helps in deep breathing that improves our aerobic capacity and helps in relaxing muscles. You may be relaxed and be tension-free after performing this exercise.

Slep 1: Open your mouth widely and say ‘O’ and ‘E’ whilst closing your eye. 

Step 2: Do not feel worried about the sound if doing this for the first time. Make the required movements to work out properly.

Do not touch your teeth inside, and try to do 3 Sets of 10-15 Reps.

6. Chin Lifts

Chin lifting strains at the direction of preferred jawline shape. Therefore it helps in shaping your jawline by pulling facial muscles. 

 Step 1: Lift your head in the upper direction and keep seeing the ceiling 

Step 2: Stretch your lips and make a girly pout

Step 3: Repeat! Repeat! And Repeat! 1 rep = 5seconds

Indeed, exercise will help you a lot but to get the desired jawline in less time you will have to change your habit a bit so that everything should be in your favour.

Chin Lifts

Get A Chiselled Jawline By Adopting These Simple Habits


  • Smile, And Smile Wide!

We all smile but have you thought it could help you to get your desired jawline. Slowly and steadily it does. So next time, when you feel sad, smile for your jawline. 

  • Drink Water, A Lot!

Indeed, water is the solution for everything! It releases the toxin from your body to give you more appealing facial looks. If you will not drink enough water, your body will remain dehydrated and won’t be able to perform its other functions.

Drink Water, A Lot!

  • Make Chewing Gum Your Friend, But Not A Best Friend!

Chewing gum is the easiest yet yummiest jaw exercise one can do. However, it may harm you if consumed excessively.

Now that you know how to get a chiselled jawline, you must be aware of the fact that none of the above exercises will do any magic on your face. Gradually you will notice getting a perfect jawline if working out regularly. 

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