shape your jaw, get braces at affordable prices

Shape your Jaw, Get Braces at Affordable Prices

Your teenager may be facing the insecurities of adolescence but he or she doesn’t need to face teeth troubles as an add-on. There are plenty of safe and efficient teeth friendly products available in the markets that can help maintain adequate oral hygiene, but what can one do about the crooked teeth and plaque deposits in between them?

Teeth alignment demands start to show up as early as 6-7 years. The jaw is in the growing period at this time and the teeth are busy emerging fast. Crowding, Protruding front teeth or buck teeth and cross bites need to be treated the moment they are discovered by a dentist, so regular visits to a skilled professional are imperative. Cross bites and buck teeth are best treated at the earliest. If buck teeth are left untreated, the jaws can become uneven in later life. The jaw can be moulded easily at a very young age, and crowding can be treated with help of braces.

Braces are recommended to cover up diastema or gaps between teeth and also to align teeth properly in jaw. Common teeth alignment problems can be improved with functional appliances. Orthodontist mostly uses braces or retainers to pull the teeth back into shape. Technological advancement has improved the quality and appearance of the braces used. Getting timely orthodontic treatment on time will result in much less dental complications later on in life. Under bite, overbite, protruding jaw or irregular teeth and their placement inside the jaw can be easily assessed with the help of special X-rays. Besides this plaster moulds of teeth, clinical examination and detailed photographs can also assist in developing a customised orthodontic treatment plan for a person.

Dental hygiene can be an issue for kids wearing dental appliances and parents may have to intervene and teach their kids to swish water through their mouths to loosen food particles. This exercise is necessary to have strong and healthy teeth. For food bits that are stubborn, brushing with germ free toothpaste in the right direction may be necessary. The dentist may recommend a fluoride rinse or mouth wash as well in some cases.

An orthodontist carefully carries out a clinical examination of the patient’s teeth and then customises a management plan. Areas that demand extra attention and correction need additional pressure and braces are prepared according to medical examination. All oral cavity issues are dealt with by skilled and knowledgeable professional. Teeth that can be seen from inside and around the braces need to be kept clean and the dentist educates the patient in detail about these dental intricacies. When braces are removed the teeth will remain sparkling white and shining. Plaque deposits and food debris need to be removed from gum line and the orthodontist has many oral care recommendations to suggest to you.

When the stipulated time period expires, braces are removed and retainers may be suggested. The teeth are pushed back by now and are aligned properly in shape. To retain this shape, retainers may be put on the teeth to keep them strongly and tightly in position.

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