15 common foods to avoid before sleep

15 Common Foods To Avoid Before Sleep

Have you ever thought about what to eat and what foods to avoid before bed? If not, then this blog is a must-read for you. Our body needs the right diet at the right time otherwise it may get be affected adversely. Most of us stay worried due to disturbed sleep cycles but do not understand the root cause of it.

No wonder if you are going early on the bed and still having disturbed sleep cycles. It could be because of the diet patterns as well.

10 Foods To Avoid Before Going To Sleep


Here are some foods to avoid before sleep that may help you enhance your sleep routine.

Ice Cream

Do you like to go on the walk post-dinner and have ice creams there? Now, this could be the reason you are not having a good sleep.

Ice cream

Ice creams have high sugar that raises your insulin levels. According to Dr Josh Axe, founder of Ancient Nutrition. It is hard to have a pleasing sleep with high insulin levels.


Grapefruit is an acidic food that can cause heartburns in the night that can be uncomfortable at night. Avoid foods that are highly acidic in nature to improve your sleep quality.


Old cheeses contain amino acids that reduce sleep quality and makes you more attentive. If you do not want to lose your beautiful sleeping hours by just rolling around the bed, do not have cheeses at night.

Note: If you have any allergy to dairy products, even a minor one. Stay away from cheese strictly. They can cause extreme indigestion and bloat.


Are you the one who thinks alcohol is helping you sleep well? You are wrong, dear! Though alcohol relaxes your muscles and makes you feel drowsy, it comes with a complimentary uneven sleep.


You may wake up multiple times at night that decreases the sleep quality.


We all know caffeine consumption makes you more active. It’s good to have coffee during working hours to stay focused but having coffee at night will do more harm than good to your body. If you do not want to stay awake with lots of thoughts in mind. Do not drink that coffee in hand.


Soda contains caffeine and a high level of sugars which will make it hard for you to fall asleep. It is fine to have soda occasionally at parties or get-togethers but do not make it a daily habit.

Fast Food

Of course, it is better to avoid fast food as much as possible, especially before bed. Fast foods have high calories that trigger the craving for more food and affects your ability to sleep.

Fast Food

It can cause indigestion and acid reflux, due to which you may have disturbed sleep.

High Sugar Foods & Chocolates

As said before, food with high sugar should not be preferred before sleep as it may affect your sleep not instantly but gradually due to increased insulin levels.

Spicy Food

Spicy foods such as curries, mustard, spicy sauces, pickles etc., have high levels of capsaicin. It is a chemical that raises the body temperature by affecting the thermoregulation process that may impact your sleep terribly.

Dry Fruits

We usually eat almonds, dates and cashews in the morning because it has condensed concentration of sugar for healthy mind operations.

Dry Fruits

If you want your brain to relax at night then dry fruits are a bad option before sleep.


It is good to drink water all day, even before sleep as well, but not just before bedtime. It may disrupt your sleep cycle and impact your heart’s health. Drink water all day to avoid dehydration but not too close to bedtime.

Green Tea

It contains some amount of caffeine that keeps you awake at night. You may have a night of disturbed sleep due to more pee because of green tea consumption at night.

Fried Food

Your brain needs rest at night to keep you fresh and active in the morning.

Fried Food

Fast foods contain lots of calories so your brain and stomach will be working all night attempting to burn them.

Raw Onions

Onions are acidic that can cause acid reflux if eaten at night. You may experience heartburn due to it. Therefore, it is better to avoid raw onions at dinner or before bedtime.

Tyramine-Rich Foods

Foods like tomatoes, soy sauce, smoked or processed meats are rich in tyramine. It is better to avoid such amino acidic foods before sleep as they release natural stimulant that signals your brain to start functioning rather than go on rest. Consequently, you can experience challenges in falling asleep.

Now that you could manage to read till the end, we expect you would have got the root cause behind your disrupted sleep. If you already have a disturbed sleep cycle, you should start having foods that are good before sleepIt may help you get a peaceful sleep and refreshing mornings.


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