fashion and protection with face masks

Fashion And Protection With Face Masks

Pre-COVID, there were business casuals, in the work from home days, there were home formals (formal shirts and pyjamas). And now, post-COVID it’s fashion and the face mask.

Face masks have become a wardrobe essential, thanks to COVID-19! Due to precautionary guidelines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, it is mandatory to wear a mask while stepping out. We may forget to wear any other accessories but a face mask is a must. Apparently, the necessity turned into a fashion statement.

The clothing industry has got another product to sell, as we have been seeing a variety of face masks in the market; surgical masks, fabric masks, printed masks, even DIY masks, and many more. There are ample choices but it’s important to not forget the reason behind wearing a mask i.e. to prevent Coivd-19 spread.

It is essential to make a balance between fashion and protection, therefore the clothing industry has come up with variants of face masks.

Different Masks For Different Places

Colours and designs immensely impact our minds and moods. If you’re wearing dull shades you may feel lethargic the entire day whereas if you’ll wear bright colours so your day could be more productive. On the basis of colours’ psychology, Here are some fashion tips that can be followed during Covid-19 to select an appropriate face mask in different places.

1. In The Office

As most of the offices are now open, face masks are mandatory to be worn even during office hours. It is better to use breathable cotton masks so that you do not feel uneasy during the long working hours.

Face mask for office

Since it’s your workplace, go for bright and subtle colour face masks like, white, blue, beige, light green.

2. For Weekends

During weekends we usually prefer going out or visiting someone where we meet people and we want their eyes on us too. Here we need a face mask that represents our personality. Choose a customized mask for weekends.

3. Parties And Family Get-Together

It is really difficult to get convinced wearing a mask at parties and festive celebrations but there’s no other alternative that we have. Wearing a silk mask that goes well with your outfit is a common thing, yet we have another solution for you. Apply subtle make-up on your face that will go in sync with your mask. Really, it changes the entire look and the mask doesn’t look like an unwanted thing on the face.

3. During Travel

Quite often wearing a mask during travel feels uncomfortable as you may not know what kind of mask fabric is appropriate while travailing.

Travel face mask

Use a cotton mask that has graphics printed on it so that fashion should not be compromised in the urge of protection.

4. Corporate Events

Masks can be a substitute for identity cards here. Professional events are done for promotional purposes only so it will be good if you wear a mask that promotes your brand. Such as brand logo, tagline, or anything that represents your company or brand. Also, you can choose the colour of your brand as a colour theme.

5. While Gym

Your outfit acts as a motivation to do the required, that is why we have different clothes for different places. Similarly, your face mask must be different in the gym. Wearing sporty colour face masks like black, blue, grey, or any dark shade while gyming is a good idea.

Face Mask And Its Styling

Not only do face masks has options, but even their styling has variety too.

face Mask style

1. Masks With Ear Loops

These masks are least interested in your hairstyles, they go well with buns, top-knots, open hairs, or anything that you want to do with your hair.

2. Scarf Masks

Most appropriate masks if you’re riding a bike as it not only protects you from viruses, it keeps your face away from dust.

Scarf Masks

3. Back-Tie Masks

If you don’t want to hurt your ears with the mask loops so you can definitely go for back-tie masks.

The ball is in your court now you have to decide whether you want only protection or fashion & protection with masks. If you liked the blog, share this with your friends to flaunt together.

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