13 tips to brighten up your room with natural light

13 Tips To Brighten Up Your Room With Natural Light

Whether you are planning to shift home or live in a house that lacks natural light. You must know how to brighten up a dark room? Enlightening your place naturally is not a difficult task; indeed a strategic job.

We all want to have natural light coming into the room and saying ‘Good Morning’ each day, but not everyone gets this privilege. Few of us need to put extra effort to get that sunlight directly into our rooms.

Whenever you think about how to make a room brighter, keep a few standard things in mind.

How To Get More Natural Light In A Room With These Standard Followings:


– Always look for lighter shades

– Do not fill your walls

– Choose matte, not glossy

– Do not add light-blocking decor

Let’s discuss how these standards could be applied to enlighten rooms naturally?

Top  Tips To Brighten Your Rooms Naturally


The easiest way is to install windows in rooms to get the sunlight directly into the rooms, but that is not always preferred due to the cost it involves. You can follow the below tips with or without installing windows.

1) Place Mirrors According To The Lights’ Direction

Mirrors scatter the light in the given area. Even if you get a pinch of sunlight in your room, try to spread it in the entire room by placing a mirror against the sunlight. You can put multiple mirrors in the room for spreading the light in the room.

2) Choose Lighter Colour Or Transparent Furniture

Dark colours snatch out the light present in the area. Thus if you have a room with less light, do not add dark furniture there. Opt for light colour furniture such as beige or white sofa, acrylic coffee table, brighter bed frames. Do not buy wooden furniture. It will make your room look duller.

Light colour furniture

3) Bright Area Rugs For Dark Rooms

Use big-size area rugs to cover the entire room. If chosen bright colours like yellow, white, or bright abstract combinations. Your room will bloom naturally. Its own brightness will add light to your room and make it glow

4) Paint Your Walls White

White colour has illuminating properties. If put anywhere, it will bloom the area with its illumination. Similarly, use white shade on your walls to add natural light to your rooms. Also, the white colour helps in increasing the existing light in the room and makes it look much bigger than the actual.

White walls

5) Deep Wash Is Essential For Clear Windows

Quite obvious yet often ignored tip to add light in your room naturally. Dirty windows block the light’s way to come in directly and reduce its potential to enlighten the room. Moreover, the light may not make you feel refreshed at all. Hence, it is critical to deep clean your windows at least once a month with a cleaning solution and wipe them off every day so that dust will not get accumulated at the edges especially.

6) Hang Light Or Transparent Curtains

Light shades have their own light that helps to brighten rooms and make them look bigger. Although their luminosity is not enough to add sufficient light to the room yet every bit gets counted. Do not block sunlight with dark curtains. Opt for lighter shades or transparent curtains to spread light in rooms naturally.

Transparent Curtains

7) Do Not Overdo It With Wall Art

We usually fill the entire wall with posters and paintings. It reduces the light scattering tendency. If you have a room with less natural light exposure, you should opt for minimum and soothing art. You could place nature portraits or bright abstracts. If needed, add up to 3 paintings only. Additionally, avoid putting dark shade paintings.

8) Ceiling Lights Are Ideal

Giving an example, switch on your phone’s flashlight and keep it upward in the darkroom. You will see the light spreading in the entire room. Lights scatter if placed upward. That is why people usually opt for ceiling lights rather than wall lights.

Ceiling Lights

9) Metallics Glow Is Required

Add glowing gold or shimmery silver shade to your room with metallic wall textures or decor items. Metallic light fixtures, mirrors or artworks can do wonders in illuminating the room. It gives a traditional look to the room as well.

10) Bring In The Colours Of The Sun

If you are unable to get the sun in the room, bring in its shades to enlighten the room. Saying that, add red, yellow, or orange shades to your furniture, wall paints, or and lampshades.


11) Paint The Ceiling With The Colours Of The Sky

Sky blue colour creates the optical illusion in the room and brightness to the rooms. You can check the suggested ceiling paint colours according to your room.

12) Opt For Matte, Not Glossy

Glossy furniture will only shine in brightness, will not add light to the room. On the contrary, matte furniture will be an addition to light spreading furniture.

matte furniture

13) Plant Your Trees Strategically

Plants provide shade in the sunlight, but what if we want that light to enlighten our rooms? Add greenery to your home wisely so that it will not block sunlight’s way to your room.


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