13 realistic green business ideas for eco-friendly entrepreneurs

13 Realistic Green Business Ideas For Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs

Going green is not an option anymore; it’s a necessity. People who have understood this have started transforming their lifestyles. By saying this, more than half of the global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable and eco-friendly products. Consequently, the demand for green businesses has increased. Therefore, if you are planning to start a new business, going green would be a profitable yet environment-friendly choice. Though a few of them may require a lot of investment. However, if marketed well, they can reward you with good revenues too.

In addition to this, Covid-19 was an eye-opener that Earth needs recovery. This pandemic contributed a lot to raising awareness about green products. Resulting in an inclination toward sustainable products that eventually raised the demand for green businesses. 

Green Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs


Here we have got some profitable environmentally friendly business ideas out of which you can select one for yourself.

(1) Garden Planning

If you are from a botany background or someone who knows a lot about land and plants. Garden planning is an appropriate option for you. In 2021, Pro Landscaper magazine published that the projects for garden designs have seen an increase of 143% in the UK in just a year.

Garden Planning

(2) Green Gift Shop

Sustainable products are seizing all the market attention. Opening a shop full of eco-friendly gifts can grab all the market attention. As mentioned earlier, people are willing to spend more on green products. You can set high margins too. But do not forget, you are opening a new business so your prices should be competitive too.

(3) Plant Delivery Service

The plantation is quite trending these days. Customers are shedding their love on plants and trees. You can start giving door-to-door service for plants delivery from reliable nurseries. Alternatively, if you have land, budget and other required resources, you can open your own nursery too.

Plant Delivery Service

(4) Green Cleaning

The use of sustainable products has begun in the home cleaning industry too. According to Fortune Business Insights, the market demand for green cleaning products is expected to rise from $17.90 billion in 2017 to $27.83 billion by 2024. Your profits can also be a part of this estimation.

(5) Sell Bicycles

Bicycles are way better for a healthy heart and healthy Earth. Various countries have adopted the bicycle culture already, and a lot more have started following it. It’s a booming product and the future of local transportation.

Sell Bicycles

(6) Fundraiser Or Grant Writer

Most of the NGOs or private green businesses look for fundraisers. You could be the one for them. Starting freelance grant writing services could be an economical business option. It may not involve huge investments. All you need is writing skills, a laptop and Wi-Fi. 

(7) Eco-Friendly Food Supplier

Surprisingly, there is a market for sustainable products worth $2.65 trillion worldwide. That means you can have a grocery store on the main street of the market. There must be other grocery stores too, but yours’ one may get more preference as people are being more responsible towards Earth.

Eco-friendly Food Supplier


(8) Air Duct Cleaning

If you are a professional cleaner or have funds to hire such professionals. You must go ahead with this eco-friendly business idea. Everyone use ACs and heaters these days, and their cleaning is essential too. Therefore, an air duct cleaner can earn $3000 to $5000 a week.

(9) Eco Restaurants

Who does not love eating food outside? What if you can offer sustainable dining options at your place? You may get more attraction than other restaurants. It is tough to maintain an eco-friendly restaurant, but undoubtedly it’s a profitable business idea.

Eco Restaurants

(10) Environmental Lawyer

Either you are a beginner or a retired lawyer. You are eligible to become an environmental lawyer. Use your education to fulfil your responsibilities towards the Earth. Since people are being more conscious about the environment, this is a great practice area to choose.

(11) Organic Nutritionist

It is expected that the dietitians market can grow by 11% by 2030. Also, organic products demand is increasing too. Therefore, a combination of organic products and dieticians make a fantastic eco-business idea. Change your way to change everyone’s habits. Give nutritious diets to individuals that are healthy for everyone and sustainable in nature. 

Organic Nutritionist

(12) Solar Panel Manufacturer

Manufacturing unit needs huge investment. If you are willing to invest and your area has the demand for solar panels too. It could be a great opportunity to serve the environment while feeding your home. Also, solar panels can have the potential to increase your property value too. It’s a complete win-win for you and the Earth.

(13) Green Financial Services

So as green products, now green services are also available in the market. Such as green loans, green mortgages, green certificates of deposits, etc. Also, you can be a green financial advisor who invests your money in green projects or green bonds only. 

As per sources, green bonds will hit $2.3 6trilion trade very soon.

Green Financial Services

There are many more business opportunities available in the market to begin with, such as used book stores, bicycle rentals, selling electric scooters, etc. Keep following us for more successful eco-friendly business ideas.


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