12 moral values you must instil in your child

12 Moral Values You Must Instil In Your Child

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Parenting is not only about providing healthy meals, keeping kids fit, and giving them a good education. Parents play a vital role in a child’s upbringing. It’s about their personality, behavior, how they see their life and the people around them. It is all parents’ responsibility to make them interpret their life ethically and tell them the importance of moral values. Moreover, you should be aware of what moral values you need to inculcate in your kid at their younger age only. 

Moral Values That You Must Instil In Your Child

There is so much to teach a kid, but what are the basic moral values each kid should learn? Your answers are just a scroll away.

Love Your Family

Everyone has flaws, so do you and your family. The first thing that your kid must understand is, he should love his family in every possible manner. No matter what happens next, the kid should always love and support his family. 

Love Your Family

Respecting All Religion

One should respect the source of the ideology they have. However, giving significant respect to others’ religions is always appreciated. Thus teach your kid to give equal respect to all religions.

Respect Is For Everyone

We always heard, love your youngers, respect your elders. Teach your kids to love and respect everyone equally. No matter if a person is elder or younger. It is something you should instil in your kid as soon as possible before he adapts the above saying naturally.

Respect Is For Everyone


Self-Care v/s Selfish

There is a thin line between self-care and selfishness. Self-care is often mistaken with the term ‘selfish.’ Usually, kids misinterpret that they have to care and look after others only and thinking about themselves is selfishness. One should never be judged as being selfish while being self-caring. Instil this value in their minds since childhood so they should know their self-worth. 

In addition, convey the difference between adjustments and compromises. Adjustments are fine if they are not frequent. Whereas compromises may affect one’s life badly. It’s imperative to give them a clear distinction between them to avoid situations where they agree to compromise to make someone happy. 

Never Hurt Anyone

Being empathetic is something one should be. You should teach your kid to respect others’ emotions. Do not laugh at someone unnecessarily, and don’t put anyone into any trouble just for fun. If they do such things, ask them to do a similar act with themselves. It will make them realise how it feels when it comes to themselves.

Never Hurt Anyone


You should always encourage your kid to speak the truth and tell them what is justice? Why is it important? And how can one benefit from it? At the same time, tell them what worse could happen if someone does not get justice.

Being Optimistic

It’s more of a mindset that develops gradually with time, but regular parent intervention can encourage this mentality to some extent. There could be many chances where your kid will feel demotivated or fail, if he will have an optimistic and self-motivating attitude, he will be able to handle the situation and accept the downfall easily.

Being Optimistic


Keeping something that doesn’t belong to them is wrong, both legally and morally. If kids have such a mindset since childhood, they will never attempt stealing. They should know what is wrong and what could be the consequences of performing such wrongful acts.

Find Happiness In Small Things

The majority of people stay unhappy for half of their lives, finding happiness in big things like success, fame, wealth etc. They forget that happiness doesn’t come from outside; it is something you will feel internally. It lies in you; all you need is to express it in all situations. There’s always a side of the coin that we forget to see that is where our happy moments reside. We know you will not want your kids to be the same, therefore let them know the importance of being happy.

Find Happiness In Small Things

Accepting Responsibility

Later in life, your kid will have to take the responsibilities and cater for them in the right manner. To ensure he does not feel burdened that time, make sure you are inculcating a sense of responsibility in him. Also, teach him to accept even if they could not do the expected.

Self Discipline

It’s something one can learn in childhood only. As parents, you should teach your kid no one will stay with them 24*7. Whatever he will do, he will be solely responsible for it and he will have to accept the consequences too. So it’s up to them whether they want to become self-disciplined or the universe do the honour for them.

Self Discipline

Being Charitable

Often people say we can’t do charity as we do not have much. However, charity is not about giving only; if you are wealthy. Charity is about sharing whatever you have for the sake of humanity. For example, if you have enough sweaters in winter, you can give 1-2 to someone in need. It will not even cost you a penny. Teach your kids how they can do charity without spending a single dollar.

These are the most important moral values for the child you must know about. Also, kids learn what they see, so before you teach them anything, make sure you implement the same in your life as well.

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