what travellers would love to do in bali

What Travellers Would Love To Do In Bali

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Well, no one has ever seen what heaven looks and feels like, except for the angels in heaven themselves! But when it comes to experiencing a pure natural and spiritual bliss, there’s no place better than a small island in Indonesia that is among one of the most most-visited tourist destinations in the world- Bali. Yes, Bali is where you need to be in your next holidays because once you experience the amazing and serene countryside locations surrounded by tropical forest, lush green paddy fields, and beautiful beaches and moreover, lots of things to Do. However, if you’re visiting for the first time, you should remember that you can only explore the true beauty of Bali through one of the best Bali Private Tours.

The Budget Guide to Bali

Bali is globally popular for more reasons than one. Its magical beauty apart, travellers on a tight budget choose Bali because of a lot of options in affordable stays there. Tourists can choose from budget houses or backpacker-friendly hotels, and then there are villas too which can be hired at less than USD 100 a night! That’s indeed affordable when compared to soaring rates of other expensive accommodations.

And it is not just the budget-friendly accommodation that is being talked about here. The same holds true for dining options too: you can relish local flavors at local prices and affordable street food options are aplenty. Obviously, Bali is getting expensive every year but it is also a fact that it has something to offer to everyone. Back-packers and budget-conscious travellers can travel to Bali with a sense of certainty that they will easily get cheap accommodation as well as food at multiple locations in Bali.

The Surfer’s Guide to Bali: Bali is well-known around the world for its beautiful, white-sand beaches along its southern shores where the surfing scene started. It evolved into one of the most popular playgrounds for wave riders in the world today, and this is evident from the fact that millions of tourists throng Bali’s picturesque beaches throughout the year. Incredible waves of Bali were first discovered by the first wave-riding visitors in the 1930s, and more have been drawn to Bali’s sun, sea, and surf ever since.

Bali’s wave-riders and surfers’ crowd comprises of both experienced riders and beginners who want to experience the thrill and chill of riding waves. Whether you are a pro or a rookie, your best Bali private tour operator will organize your tour in such a way that you get to visit the best of waves that Bali has to offer. Bali has so much to offer to wave-riders; be it board rentals, surf schools, surf shops, etc.

The Adventure Guide To Bali

There’s no lack of fun and adventure on an island that is among the top picks for adventure seekers. There are much lesser known, out-of-the-way areas, which feature jungle and highland resorts where you can experience nature from up close and seemingly feel like in the middle of nowhere. Raft mountain rapids, discover hidden waterfalls or dare to face the chill of haunted sites in Bali.

The best way to ensure you can have a great time in Bali is by choosing the best Bali private tour operator so that you can enjoy the true beauty of Bali to the fullest.

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  1. So many things to do in Bali. My favorite is Sunday’s Beach Club in Uluwatu. A great relaxed beach club where you can spend the day by an amazing beach with a beer in hand. Lots of great surfing spots in Uluwatu area too

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