the amazing benefits of healing gemstones

The Amazing Benefits of Healing Gemstones

Crystals or gemstones can be quite expensive and relatively rare as they are not found as easily as a common stone that is found in many different areas of the world. Throughout history, gemstones have often been linked with numerous properties and characteristics, which often differ from culture to culture. Through the ages, different cultures around the world have recognized the healing properties of gemstones and have been fashioning gems into jewelry. Gemstones have been used for good luck, protection, and healing. There are many gemstones healing properties as they emit various vibrations and frequencies; potentially balancing and healing body, mind, and spirit. When sunlight shines through gems, it is transformed into the various wavelengths of each gem, positively affecting the wearer.

Amethysts were always considered effective against toothaches and headaches. Another exceptional quality attributed to the crystals and their healing properties is that wearing it would keep a drinker sober. When the stones are worn near the body, diamonds are believed to cure nightmares and leprosy. When Ruby is placed on a wound, it has the power to stop the flow of blood. Another crystal Agate cures fever, while a carnelian stone helps in tightening loose teeth. Some people believe that wearing bead jewelry with carnelians could cure tumors and strengthen their voice. Sapphires and opals are said to be excellent for failing eyesight. Turquoise is said to be primary protection against injuries brought by falling, such as broken bones and torn ligaments. The olive-green peridot is worn as a talisman to protect him from heart diseases and make him or her healthy.

Types of a crystal having Gemstone healing properties:

1. Emerald: this stone brings harmony to all aspects of one’s life.

2. Sapphire: called the “Stone of Prosperity” bringing the gifts of life, removing frustrations, and fulfilling the dreams of the consciousness of the wearer.

3. Aquamarine: facilitates rapid intellectual growth and enhances one’s ability to learn about the physical world as well as oneself.

4. Citrine: one of the few minerals that do not hold or accumulate negativity; helps one to acquire and maintain wealth.

5. Amber: aids babies’ teething process; purifies the system; provides strength, wisdom, and peace.

6. Jade: good for easing childbirth; calming; provides protection.

7. Quartz: provides equilibrium to the body; de crystallizes congestion; protects against dizziness and hemorrhage; aids intuition.

8. Rose Quartz: healer of the heart; promotes friendship and goodwill.

9. Turquoise: contains strong healing vibrations; strengthens the heart, chest, neck, lungs, respiratory system, and eyes.

10. Lapis Lazuli: relieves inflammation and rashes; fights against depression; instills cooperation.

A gemstone may be used as a crystal and their healing properties by making use of its inherent healing energies and works by activating the underlying healing forces that prevail in our aura. Each distinct gemstone, as an outcome of its color, composition, and factors like its transparency or opaqueness focuses on the healing powers that exist in our bodies. Gemstones are thus designated as a classification of energy medicine tools owing to their extensive implementations in healing by manifesting their intrinsic energies upon those of the wearer.

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