six important ways to save money on a road trip

Six Important Ways To Save Money On A Road Trip

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Aside from the landscape, one of the nicest aspects of a driving vacation is that it may be rather affordable. However, your choices on where to stay, what sort of vehicle to drive, and even which roads to take may rapidly add up. 

From road trip cuisine to locating inexpensive accommodations, here are six money-saving ideas and strategies for your next road trip excursion. So, to help you remain on track financially, we’ve compiled a list of 6 cheap road trip tips for your next journey.

Ways To Save Money On A Road Trip:


1. Before You Go, Have Your Car Inspected

Before embarking on any road trip, you must get your car inspected. Not only is it a safety measure, but it may also save you money on a road trip. Proper tire air pressure equals greater gas mileage, which equals less money spent on petrol.

By having fluids, filters, and other components examined, you can ensure that your vehicle is functioning at peak performance and reduce the possibility of automobile issues.

Have Your Car Inspected

2. Do Not Sleep In Large Cities

Because you’ll have access to a vehicle, there’s no reason to book a hotel in a busy tourist location where rooms are expensive and parking is expensive. Choose a hotel with free parking near your destination city and then take public transit into town. 

Even if you elect to drive from your hotel, paying the daily charge for parking will almost certainly make your decision less expensive than staying at a hotel within walking distance of all the major attractions.

3. Register For Gas Savings Cards

The majority of major gas manufacturers provide free savings card programs. Sign up for them to save money on petrol and concessions on a road trip. Even if it’s a chain that isn’t near you, it’s free and might save you money on petrol on your trip.

Gas Savings Cards

4. Choose Your Wheels Carefully

Car rentals may be reasonably priced, so they’re worth considering even if you have your vehicle. You’ll save money on tire wear and tear, and you’ll get to check out a new car for the duration of your vacation. Keep in mind that renting your ideal Range Rover will cost you a premium, and while driving along California’s Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible is like something out of a movie, it’s not the most practical option if you’re traveling with a family or a lot of luggage.

Choose a vehicle that makes sense for you, keeping in mind that a huge SUV will cost more than a midsize sedan and that certain cars are more fuel efficient than others. Compare rates before making a reservation. Most automobile rental websites will search numerous providers, so that’s a smart place to start if you’re seeking the best deal.

5. Say No To Drive-Through

Snacks may rapidly deplete your travel budget, but stopping for fast food is far worse. If you pay for three meals every day on your road trip, your expenses will skyrocket. Instead of a rest break, visit a grocery shop and stock up on cold cuts, fruit, and other no-fuss roadside meals. 

When you dine out less, you may rationalize spending a bit extra on a good lunch someplace else along your journey. If you do eat out, pick something that you can easily store in the car if there are any leftovers, so you can make two meals out of one. Ideally, it should be something simple that can be eaten cold, such as a sandwich.

Say No To Drive-Through

6. Bring A Lot Of Water

Traveling and eating salty pretzels might make you thirsty. Bring your water to avoid impulse purchases and the unnecessary use of single-use plastics. Bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up before you go. Most gas station drink dispensers feature a water option, so you can refill your reusable bottles for free. If you’re staying at a paid campsite on your road trip, you’ll most likely be able to get potable water there as well.

Even better, fill a 5-gallon jug before you leave and keep it in the trunk of your car. This will not only save you money, but it will also keep you safe in the event of a breakdown. It will also make it easier for you to avoid buying single-use plastics and generating extra garbage.

Be prepared and carry extra water if you intend on performing any sports such as hiking or biking, or if the weather will be warmer. Drinking water can also help to reduce snack cravings, which are sometimes your body’s way of warning you that you’re dehydrated. So drink up!

In A Nutshell


Travel expenses can quickly pile up. When you consider other costs, your trip may not be as cheap as that slick flight offer led you to expect. Once you’re on the road, vacation expenditures can quickly outstrip your initial budget. Taking a road trip on a budget may allow you more freedom to spend where you need to, whether it’s on this trip or the next.

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