plan your trip in this way to avoid unexpected travel expenses

Plan Your Trip In This Way To Avoid Unexpected Travel Expenses

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An errand can be taken without much expense involved. Think of an errand, pack your bags, book your sojourn or you can sleep in the car, enjoy some sightseeing, try the food at restaurants, and go back to the source place. But, when you think of going on a longer vacation, then unexpected travel expenses surmount your excitement to enjoy.

Therefore, it is better to try some of the strategies before venturing out to explore a new world. Some of the tips will help you to avoid unexpected travel expenses.

 Let’s discuss this in detail.

Some Tips To Save Money On Travel:

1. Baggage Allowance & Fees 

Baggage fees could be costing an arm and a leg to you if you are flying from multiple airlines. The different airlines have different criteria for weight and size of baggage, which would increase your travel expenses

Therefore, it is better to check the baggage’s weight and size of every airline you are flying before stuffing your suitcase to the saturated point.

It is also important to check luggage is also included with your ticket because budget airlines do not provide free checked luggage or carry-on. 

Baggage Allowance & Fees

2. Hotel Booking & Fee

 It is hard to find a perfect place with a perfect view at a perfect and affordable price. But, a little bit of research could help you with it. You can research booking fees, service charges, or cleaning charges. Do not let them surprise you with hidden charges of the hotel.

Now, you want to shun surprises, so it is better to note down the payment and calculate the charges that adhere to it before payment. 

Booking your hotel early could save you a penny.

3. Off, Shoulder, Or Peak Season?

 If you are looking to save money while traveling then opt to go shoulder or off-season. Peak seasons are always crowded with people, making hotels rate, flight fares, and even food in restaurants become expensive to eat.

Some places are overcrowded with people on Christmas or New Year’s eve. So, it is better to avoid going during peak season.

You will get discounts on Airbnb, hotel fares, and even food prices become low as compared to peak season. Do detailed research before going to your destination’s peak season and try to avoid it.

Off, Shoulder, Or Peak Season?

4. Book Your Tickets Now!

Be an early bird and book your tickets as early as you can. Booking your ticket in advance may provide you with a discount on airline fares and give you an option to choose from a variety of options. For instance, if you are planning to go to Thailand, then you can compare the option of that ticket to be booked from any online platform or via a traveling agency. You will have an ample amount of time and the option to opt. You will maximum get the discount on the off-season. 

5. Taxi Or Rented Car\Scooty

 In some areas hiring a taxi is costlier than hiring a car or scooty. So, if you are looking forward to saving your money on travel then hire a car or scooty on rent according to your convenience. Research an area, hire your convenience on rent, and explore the place.

Taxi Or Rented Car\Scooty

6. Avoid Eating And Drinking Outside

 Food & drinks in restaurants are expensive as compared to local street food. So, if you are not a fan of eating fine dining on a daily basis then you can go and roam the streets to explore the local food. Or if you choose to live in an apartment, then cook on your own once or twice a week. And, it is not necessary to enjoy the drinks at the bar only. You can buy a drink from outside and enjoy it on the rooftop, outside, or even in your room(if permissible). For instance, you can enjoy your drinks at the beach in Goa or if you are in Spain on vacation, then you can enjoy your drinks in a park. 

7. The Exchange Value Of Money

If you are planning to go abroad then it is better to enlighten yourself before currency exchange or local banking fees. It is better to avoid currency exchange at the airport or the hotel. Fill you in when you get a chance about how much money you will be needing there approximately. 

Exchange Value Of Money

8. Phone Charges 

 We are connected with our near and dear ones wherever we go. But, data or roaming charges could be hefty on your pocket. So, it’s better to use Wi-Fi wherever possible or you can purchase a SIM Card when you are on vacation.

9. Debit Or Credit Card Charges

 Banks provide travel cards, which you can use internationally to purchase anything, or even you can withdraw money. It is best to notify your bank before going on an international trip to avoid your card being blocked or denied by the machine at the moment.

Debit Or Credit Card

10. Memorable Stays- Hostel

 If you are traveling alone or you want budget stays, you can stay in a hostel. Lots of clean, affordable, and budget hostel stays are available if you are OK with it.

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Sum Up 


Wherever you go, these unexpected travel expenses will always bother you. Therefore, it is necessary to make a checklist of unexpected traveling expenses and better to think of the best way to avoid them. Uncertainty is inevitable but planning could save you from unexpected shocks and surprises.

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