how to make your regular air conditioner smart?

How to Make Your Regular Air Conditioner Smart?

“Smart home” is the buzz word these days, with latest technology developed to make human lives more convenient and efficient when they are inside (or outside) their homes. The term ”smart” is used for various electronic products and appliance in our home which can be programmed by the homeowners remotely. Whether you’re in your office, or in another city or state, you can control the functioning of your regular air conditioner by making it a smart air conditioner with the help of some smart gadgets that are designed and made specifically to make any air conditioner (with remote control) to a remotely operated smart AC.

Why dump your old air conditioner when you can have it working like a smart ac at a fraction of a cost of a new AC? Replacing air-conditioner is an expensive job and no one wants to do away with their old AC if they don’t have to. Here’s how to make your old AC work like a smart AC.

1. Smart AC Controllers: Smart AC controllers are for people who are looking for greater flexibility and control. These devices give you WiFi control and will help to save you on your energy bills as well. These devices are specially made to be compatible with remote controlled air conditioners. Their main features are 7 day scheduling and location-based geofencing. You can control your regular air conditioner with the help of this device and an app on your smartphone.

One main feature of these smart thermostats are they are compatible with both split and window air conditioners. Compatible with Alexa, Google Home or IFTTT, these are a welcome addition for anyone looking for more control.

2. Smart air conditioners: If you are hell bent on getting a new AC for you, the this is the only option you’re left with. A new WiFi -ready smart air conditioner come with its own app for a direct and complete control of the unit. It is also equipped with a clean air ionizer which removes impurities from the indoor air to provide relief from those who are allergic to air impurities.

3. Smart thermostats: Window and portable air conditioners do have their own cons which some of you may not have to deal with if you have an excellent central air conditioning unit. If you have one, you should waste no time in getting new smart thermostats that are made by selected few brands. These devices are made to offer you more savings, comfort, and host of neat features that will make controlling your air conditioner a fun.

They can provide you information on the current condition of your air filter and track your energy usage. Smart thermostats are head and shoulders above traditional thermostats in terms of functionality and utility.


The way to convert your regular air conditioner into a smart AC depends on what are you trying to achieve at the end of the day. Technically, plugging into a smart plug is all you need to solve the problem, but if you’re looking for more control and efficiency, aforementioned products are your best bet.

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