know-how alexa can make your home smarter

Know-How Alexa Can Make Your Home Smarter

Make your home smarter with Amazon’s voice assistant – Echo smart speaker, which is widely known as “Alexa.” Yours and ours, everyone’s favourite “Alexa” can do wonders. The best part of this tech product is that it has been used by people of all ages. We have seen granny using it and kids playing with it. However, do you know what all can be done with the compact size Amazon Echo? Read the blog till the end to know what all you have on your plate with Echo to make your home smart? 

1. Make Profiles For Everyone

You can add multiple accounts to the device. It will be a one-time effort. After the configuration, all you need to say is, “Alexa, switch the profile” which will change the profile to yours. Now you can access Alexa through your account. 

Make profiles for everyone.

2. Make Your Voice Recognisable

After configuring the accounts, you and your significant others can make voice profiles to help Alexa distinguish everyone’s account by recognising the voice. For instance, if you want to check your to-do list, simply say “Alexa, what is there in my to-do list today?”

Alexa will tell you about your schedule by automatically switching to your account. 

3. Change Wake Word

Though, Alexa is a good name. If you feel it’s not a nice one, you can change it anyway. Unfortunately, Echo doesn’t have the option to add a customised name as a wake word. You can select another name from the given suggestions – Alexa, Amazon, Computer or Echo.

How-to steps for changing the wake world
Open the Alexa app or visit the website

Open “Settings” and choose the device you have

Click “wake word” select the one from the dropdown you like from the four options (Amazon, Alexa, Computer or Echo) and click Save.

Change wake word

4. Alexa Can Repeat For You

Alexa is there for your assistance all the time. You may not feel inconvenienced with Alexa once you know how to operate it. Therefore, if you skip some instructions from Alexa, do not worry. It can repeat it for you. All you need to say is, ‘Can you say that again?’

5. Add Non-Supported Smart Home Devices Too

If you have a combination of different brands for smart devices, perhaps some of them do not support Alexa. That is fine, you can still connect the devices.

Guide To Add Non-Supported Smart Home Devices

  • First of all, make sure you have checked properly that the device isn’t supported by Alexa. 
  • Check IFTTT to be sure if your device can be supported or not.
  • Connect with an IFTTT; it will instruct you to set up the device with Alexa. 

Add non-supported smart home devices too

6. Add Events To The Calendar

We make an event on the phone with voice assistance. Similarly, you can create events in the Alexa calendar. All you need is to say “Alexa, add (event) for (day) at (time).” or “Alexa, make a reminder for the appointment in (place) at (time).” You can use this feature as a reminder for your kids’ parents’ meet or annual functions. Moreover, you can create a calendar for your kid’s exam schedule using this feature.

7. Create Routines

You can create one command for multiple actions. For example, you say “Alexa, Good Morning” which may instruct Alexa to switch on the lights, tell you the time and weather, adjust the thermostat, and play your morning song.” Isn’t it cool? 

Create Routines

8. Play Audio On All Alexa Speakers

If a single speaker isn’t audible enough for the house party, Alexa has the solution for you. Just use its ‘Sonos-like feature to create an Audio Group, where you can pair all your speakers together in the app. Just ask, “Alexa, play a (song) on (audio group name).”

9. Add Skills

Although you can do a lot with in-built features of the Echo. The alexa skills make it more worthwhile. It is super easy to add skills with the voice command. So if you know which skill you want to add, you can say, “Alexa, add Magic 8-Ball.” It will be enabled on the device. It is simple.

Add Skills 

10. Use Alexa As An Intercom

An amazing feature of informing the family in one go. Just say, “Alexa, drop in on the dining room (message).” The message will shout out to the Echo speaker, and everyone will get the message at once.

11. Use Ring Light As A Night Light

The light ring has a lot to tell. The volume level, mic off/on and missed call or message. But that’s not the only thing for which you can use the night light. It can be used as a night light as well. All you need to add is a skill called “nifty third-party skill.” Say “Alexa, open Night Light for (the duration.)” Either you can tell the duration, or you can simply say “Alexa, open Night Light,” and when you feel like switching it off. Say, “Alexa, stop” or “Alexa, switch off the night light.” 

Use Ring Light As A Night Light



Alexa makes your home smarter with its innumerable features. These are the top ways by which you can make your home smart with Alexa. However, there are many more commands and features, which you can use to make your life entertaining and convenient with Amazon Alexa. Whenever you think of something new which you feel Alexa can do for you, just give a command. It is the only way to explore its features as we already said; they are uncountable. For more tips on Home Improvement, keep following our website

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