11 bbq safety tips you need to know for outdoor cooking

11 BBQ Safety Tips You Need To Know For Outdoor Cooking

Barbeque is the heart of each party. No occasion or a get-together could be completed without a barbeque. However, it is as dangerous as entertaining. There are many serious burn and fire spread cases that happened just because of silly mistakes which could be avoided. 

BBQ Safety Measures That Should Be Adhered Rigorously


If you are one of those people who believe cooking can be an after work activity, BBQ could be your favorite.

If you also like doing BBQ, you should know the kitchen safety tips which can help to prevent BBQ accidents.

1. Do Not Drink And Grill

There are many other important tips yet we feel this one should be given priority. Alcohol and Barbeque dishes together make a perfect combo but doing barbeque while having alcohol is not! 

Now you will say you stay in your senses so there is no risk. However, alcohol makes your mind slow so even if you are in your senses, you won’t be able to react as quickly as you would, if not drunk. 

Place your grill away from buildings while placing the barbeque make sure there is no building nearby. Also, there should be no flammable objects around. Even if a small object caught the fire, the consequences could be hazardous. 

Moreover, there shouldn’t be any electricity poles around, they can easily catch fire. 

Do Not Drink And Grill

2. Dress Wisely

Whether you are hosting a party or taking charge of the BBQ, you should be dressed according to the BBQ needs. You must have inflammable gloves in hand, Wear polyester, wool, silk, or nylon as it does not catch fire easily. 

If you are a regular grill master, you can also buy clothes, especially for BBQ nights. 

3. Clean It Properly

There’s a lot that gets stuck in the barbeque grill every time you grill. That stuck food could be too hazardous! When you will reflame your grill, possibly that leftover may catch fire and explode.

It is one of the common reasons for grill accidents. Never forget to clean the grill before and after use. 

Clean It Properly

4. Keep Children And Pets Away

While even adults are at risk, having kids or pets near the grill or smoker is quite risky.

First, your concentration could be diverted and that may result in a mishap. Second, kids or pets may get injured while playing around as they may not stay very careful. 

5. Know Your Wood

While oak, applewood, maple, cherrywood, hickory, and mesquite are all great choices, many kinds of wood could be the reason behind the explosion. 

When you go to the store to purchase wood, tell them about the grill as much as you know and grab knowledge from them about the wood. So that, even if something happens, you will be able to control it. 

Know Your Wood

6. Attend Flames All The Time

Being a grill master is not an easy job. You have to be alert every second. A slight distraction from the flame could lead to a serious mishap. It is very important to stay around the flame and keep a check on it all the time. 

7. Always Prepare For The Worst

While everyone should pray and hope for the best, it is important to prepare for the worst. Whenever you are in the mood to grill, make sure you make all preparations for possible accidents. Such as flame explosion, hand burning, etc.

You must have extra coal to spread in case of fire. Also, you should have a fire extinguisher for the worst-case scenario. 

Always Prepare For The Worst

8. Use Lighter Fluid In Moderation

Flaming a grill is a task in itself. If you are using lighter fluid, use it in moderation. Less fluid will not flame the grill and if you sprinkle more than required, so there are high chances of a grill explosion.

9. Check For Gas Leak

Most of the accidents happen due to gas leaks. You can easily check leaks and break in the pipe to avoid such accidents. Also, if you are using a grill after a long time, you must get it checked by the repair store so that loopholes in the grill will be repaired. 

Check For Gas Leak

10. Start Gas Grills With The Lid Open

Another most common mistake that people do, not opening the lid before igniting the gas grill. This can lead to a huge gas explosion which could be hazardous and life-threatening. 

Make sure you never forget to open the lid before ignition. You can also place a note on the lid saying ‘Do not forget to open me without igniting the gas grill’ so that nobody does this. 

11. Perform Periodic Maintenance.

As we already said, grills are as risky as entertaining. Get your grill checked regularly. Rather, it will be better if you get it checked every month if you are a frequent user. 

After all, prevention is better than cure. And in grill explosions, sometimes you don’t even get a chance for the cure.

Perform Periodic Maintenance.

A Few More Words…


We understand the above tips and explanations may resist you to use a grill. However, if you take all the above kitchen safety measures and use the grill carefully, there is no harm to you and your loved ones. Keep enjoying, be safe and read our blogs regularly. 

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