home remedies to fix abdominal pain and stomach cramps

Home Remedies to Fix Abdominal Pain and Stomach Cramps

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If you are suffering with stomach cramps or abdominal pain, then these home remedies will be best treatment for you to calm your angry stomach. These are tricky therapies to cure the pain. Unless, you are not aware of the actual reason behind the cramp, till then, these home remedies could be applied. These remedies provide relief from discomfort easily. The cramps may be occurring due to indigestion and GERD or irritable bowel syndrome.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stomach Pain

These are some home remedies which help reduce abdominal pain and stomach ache-

  • Use a Warm Water Bottle or Bag to Heat the Stomach:
  • If you have a severe pain in your stomach, then you can use a hot water bottle or a bag to heat the troubling area of the stomach. The extremely hot water can harm you so in that case you can use lukewarm water or moderately war water. The Heat treatment helps to loosen the muscles and give you quick relief from the pain.

  • Intake a Cup of Chamomile Tea:
  • The Chamomile tea has the properties of an anti-inflammatory which help to ease the pain of a stomach. For example the inside layer of the stomach can be inflamed due to the common gastritis, which is caused by bacteria. The tea relaxes the muscle of the upper digestive track and helps you to get rid of abdominal pain and stomach cramps.

  • Chew Some Mint Leaves:
  • You can chew some fresh mint leaves which also helps to relax the stomachs’ upper layer and help in improving the flow of bile, and improve the digestion. You can also intake fresh peppermint tea.

  • Ginger or Ginger Root Tea
  • Ginger is commonly found in every kitchen, it is a great soother for the stomach cramps. Ginger contains shogaols and gingerols chemicals which help to relax and helps in smoothening of muscle, especially the muscle that lines to the intestinal track. The Ginger root is also a great medicine for nausea. You can also use it for adding flavor to tea.

  • Drink Rice Water:
  • The water leftover after cooked rice is exactly known as rice water It acts like a demulcent, which is also known as a substance that relieves inflammation by appearing a sort of relaxing barrier over a membrane which help to relax the pain.

  • Chew Some Fennel Seeds
  • Fennel Seeds is one of the best home remedies for abdominal pain and stomach ache, If indigestion is the reason of your stomach ache; In this case, chewing fennel seeds will help to get the relief from pain as fennel seeds contain anethole, oil that will stimulate the oozing digestive juices. It can also help to control the inflammation, and reduce the pain.

  • Lukewarm Lemon Water
  • If the problem is related to indigestion then lemon water can solve your problem. When, the production of hydrochloric acid stimulated by the high acidity level, it causes indigestion. The added benefit is that it hydrate the body too, which helps to clean the system and flushed out toxins.

  • Drink Club Soda and Lime
  • You can intake lemon with club soda; it will release the toxins from the body. The lemon, lime can help you with tummy pain. Lemon and club soda is the best combination to detoxify the body. If you have overate and stomach ache is happening due to the indigestion, then the carbonation content of club soda will help you to burp, therefore your tummy will relieve the pressure and feel good.

    If any of these remedies for abdominal pain and stomach ache don’t work on your stomach that means you have some serious problem, so go to see a doctor immediately. Sometimes the stomach ache is a symptom of more serious illness. If you have noticed that you get stomach pain after eating some certain kind of food, it may be a Crohn’s disease, a kind of food allergy. A quick trip to the doctor can help you in getting the control over the disease.

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