good posture: 5 ways to improve your posture

Good Posture: 5 Ways To Improve Your Posture

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What exactly is a good posture? How to have one? What are the benefits of good posture? Well! If any of these questions keep roaming in your mind, you have landed on the correct page. Here we will discuss all about a good posture and why one should have it? 

To improve your posture, you must have to dedicatedly work on your mind and body simultaneously. It is a big change as your posture habits must have been the same from years. So it will be a time-consuming process where you need to constantly remind yourself about the tips we are going to share today.

Advantages Of Having A Good Body Posture


Having a good posture is good for your personality. However, the list of its benefits doesn’t end here. We have written many more benefits of good posture for convincing you to have one

(i) Improves Breathing

Poor body posture could affect breathability and fill your lungs. Slouching compresses the muscles at the front of your body and reduces the ability to breathe properly. Standing up in the right posture may improve your breathability to bring in old good oxygen.

It is important to stay in a good posture for body health and to avoid such pains. It could hamper your fitness levels and reduce your working ability too.

Improves Breathing

(ii) Relieves Backaches (if any)

Your body is structured in a neutral position in which your head, torso and pelvis stay in a stacked position. Forward head, overly curved spines, and tilted spins don’t support a good posture of your body. This can increase stress on your back and cause unwanted aches and pains. 

(iii) Makes You Look Longer And Skinnier

Do you know? You can look 10 pounds thinner just by developing a good posture. Yes, that’s true! Good posture can hide the pot belly and a thicker middle. Stand or sit straight, look forward. This way your pounds will appear evenly distributed and make you look slender.

5 Ways To Improve Your Body Posture


We are assuming that you are convinced enough to scroll down for knowing how to develop a good posture? Please note, these tips may sound difficult but remember, you have to gradually improve your posture. This can not be an instant change. So, do not worry.

1) Avoid Slouching

Slouching seems comfortable to many but that is a temporary comfort for sure. It puts pressure on your spine that imposes a strain on muscles, bones and joints that holds back your backbone. Moreover, it makes it harder for your organs such as the lungs and intestine to work properly. 

There is no other way to stop slouching than to practice sitting and standing up straight. It may take time, but sooner or later, you will be thankful.

Avoid Slouching

2) Watch Your Walking Posture

Usually, we give stress to our shoulder muscles and bend our necks while walking. This can cause severe cervical issues. You must be cautious about your posture while walking. It should be like, you are walking while measuring your height. Straight back, broaden shoulders, belly tucked-in and walk looking forward.

Avoid using the phone while walking as it naturally makes your posture poor. Give a reminder to yourself at least once a day to walk like this, soon you will develop the habit.

3) Develop A Correct Desk Posture

Most of us might be having sitting or desk jobs where we need to sit for long hours working on the computer. Although it has become a daily routine and you can not get rid of it. You still need to watch your desk posture. 

Avoid rolling chairs as it makes it harder to have a good posture. Sit as far back on the chair as possible. Keep your knees bent perpendicularly. Keep them at the same height (or a bit higher) of your hips with your feet flat on the floor. This encourages healthy spine posture and prevents joint pains too.

Develop A Correct Desk Posture

4) Sit Straight Even While Driving

Taller people bend the recliner till the end which not only decreases the long-distance vision, it affects your muscles and joints too. You must keep your chair close to the steering and give ample space to your legs for movement. Additionally, putting a pillow or rolled-up towel at your lower back can help in improving your posture.

5) Do Not Encourage “Text Neck”

The word must be self-explanatory for most of the readers. 😛 Text neck is the posture where you keep your head down for a long while to use the phone. This posture puts pressure on your neck and shoulders that eventually starts aching, this pain could increase to the level where it becomes constant. 

To avoid such situations, it is better you move your neck up and down frequently. Tilt it from right to left and vice versa. Moreover, if you can not avoid looking at your phone for a long time. Bring your phone a little up in front of your eyes and look down through your eyes. Remember! Do not bend your neck to see your phone for a long time.

Do Not Encourage “Text Neck”


As we discussed the benefits of good posture and further how to develop one. Please note, it is a time-taking process. You should not expect to have the correct posture in one go. You must practice avoiding habits that encourage poor postures. Moreover, you may experience pain in the beginning as you are putting effort into a change. Whenever you try to bring change to your body, you will have pains. Avoid these aches for a time being. Focus on keeping your back straight, looking forward, stop slouching & encouraging text neck. Not to forget, keep visiting our website for more interesting and informational blogs.

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