best christmas family traditions to make this holiday extra special

Best Christmas Family Traditions To Make This Holiday Extra Special

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Every family has a unique Christmas tradition that they observe every year. Some examples of these customs include carolling for the neighbours, baking a Christmas ham, sharing a kiss under the mistletoe, and Elf on the Shelf. Many families’ traditional holiday traditions include eating homemade cinnamon rolls and taking pictures in matching Christmas pyjamas. Maybe you enjoy snuggling up under a blanket to watch Christmas movies and possibly giving away Christmas toys or taking part in a few family-friendly Christmas games.

Whatever your favourite customs are, remember that what matters most to families year after year is not always the presents but the memories. Let’s take a look at the Unique Christmas Traditions which you can follow:

1. Elf On The Shelf

In the UK, this festive family tradition for Christmas begins on December 1st and functions somewhat like advent. Every night before the children wake up, parents and caregivers move the elf around the house. A joyful Christmas tradition for families, The Elf on the Shelf is becoming more and more well-liked every year. The concept is that Santa visits children’s homes to celebrate Christmas by sending scout elves.

These elves possess magical abilities and have been given the special task of flying to the North Pole every night to inform Santa Claus of the household’s children’s activities, particularly if they have been naughty or nice. Many parents and children alike enjoy the games and fun of incorporating this yearly tradition into their Christmas celebrations. The Elf on the Shelf tradition, on the other hand, may not be appropriate for every family. We can also celebrate  Christmas in eco friendly ways.

It’s possible that your children are too old to enjoy it, or you might not like the idea of an elf spying on your kids and running to Santa to complain. To brighten the holiday season, however, many families find that having Elf on the Shelf visit them from Thanksgiving to Christmas is the perfect solution.

Elf On The Shelf

2. Visit Christmas Light Displays

We always love the holiday season, and the Christmas lights are a wonderful part of it. In our own home, we always hang a tonne of lights. You can always go outside and take in displays in your neighbourhood, though, whether or not your home is completely covered in lights. Growing up, my best friend would frequently discuss this family custom. To enjoy the lights in the misty glow of the fog, they would wait for a foggy night and go outside. They would go on Christmas Eve if there wasn’t a foggy night that year.

3. Display A Pickle Ornament

You might have noticed how many pickle ornaments were available in holiday shops. There is a cause for this. A gherkin-shaped ornament is traditionally hung on the tree on Christmas Eve following the German Christmas pickle tradition, or Weihnachtsgurke. Some versions have the child opening the first present on Christmas morning, while others have them finding it first and receiving a special gift. Pickle-loving Germans in the Midwest likely started this German American custom. This is a unique way to decorate your Christmas tree and a fun addition to Christmas Eve festivities.

4. Set Up A Hot Cocoa Bar

This is a relatively new tradition that has sprung up all over this year. Hot Chocolate Bars are a lot of fun and very simple to make. Gather all of your favourite Christmas treats and create a special hot chocolate station with all of the trimmings. We make these super simple DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs in minutes to go with our cocoa bar. Play your favourite Christmas movie for everyone to enjoy!

5. Makeover Your Pet

This much is true: dogs are members of the family. So why should they avoid the Christmas tradition of dressing up? Turn your dog into a Christmas elf, reindeer, or the cutest Christmas pudding you’ve ever seen this year and every year after! Then simply enjoy them or photograph them.

Makeover Your Pet

6. Make Cookies For Santa

One of the best Christmas traditions is still baking cookies for Santa. There are many cookies to leave out for Santa Claus for a new Christmas tradition, from snickerdoodles to the traditional chocolate chip cookie. Don’t forget to set out some carrots for the reindeer and do some advanced research on Christmas cookie decoration ideas.

7. Light A Yule Log

A yule log was lit to represent the purging of evil from a house. Although the lady of the house is supposed to light the spiced log in the fireplace traditionally, new variations of this tradition have emerged over time. The yule log can now even be recreated as a holiday cake.

8. Invite Your Friends To A Cookie Swap

Another fantastic Christmas tradition is to host a Cookie Exchange for all of your friends after your family baking day is over. The ideal party is a cookie exchange! Every guest who attends the party brings 12 cookies of one type (and occasionally the recipe). Having only had to make one type of cookie themselves, everyone goes home with a huge assortment to enjoy.

9. Practice Hygge

Many families give new pyjamas on Christmas Eve, but you can heighten the cosy atmosphere of the season by incorporating hygge into your celebration. This Danish way of life, pronounced “hue-guh,” is characterised by a warm atmosphere, spending time with loved ones, and relishing the comfort of an indoor winter night, fantastic on Christmas Eve! Put on your holiday pyjamas, then cuddle up with a hot chocolate and some candles while lounging under some throw blankets. Hygge is a feeling, so living the philosophy entails mostly unwinding, finding contentment, and being in the moment with your loved ones.

Practice Hygge

10. Make Santa Dust

What would happen if Santa didn’t stop by your house? Devastation! By sprinkling Santa dust on your lawn, you can make sure that won’t happen. The actual concoction itself has a few variations, so you can get inventive. Many people use “reindeer dust,” which includes oats, herbs, coloured sugar, and anything else they might enjoy munching on, to attack the animals pulling the sleigh. To catch Father Christmas’ attention, you can also include something shiny and sparkly; preferably something that won’t serve as litter, like edible glitter.

11. Kiss Under The Mistletoe

It’s a long-standing custom to share a kiss under the mistletoe to represent acceptance and love. Although mistletoe itself has many symbolic meanings in various cultures, the custom of sharing a kiss under it originated in Britain. It is still a festive family Christmas tradition for any home today.

In A Nutshell


We hope this list has given you some inspiration for new family customs. Whatever you choose, doing it every year will help you make unforgettable holiday memories that you can cherish forever.

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