top 16 budget friendly diy christmas decoration ideas

Top 16 Budget Friendly DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

The most awaited festival of the year Christmas is around the corner, and the excitement is on edge already. That reminds us of the Christmas decoration.

Thrilling DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Let’s have a look on some easy to make interesting decor ideas.

Pom-Pom Wreath

Make this Christmas colourful with a pom-pom wreath. Buy pompoms of all sizes and colours from your nearest gift shop and simply join them together with glue to make a cute and colourful pom-pom wreath to make a wonderful Christmas craft. It will look really good in the centre of the living room.

Pom-Pom Wreath

Paper Christmas Tree

This year create your own Christmas tree that will stay evergreen with paper. Buy a cardboard sheet and some green glace papers; cut them in the shape of a Christmas tree. Glue the glace paper on the tree-shaped cardboard. Similarly, you can make multiple paper trees. You can sprinkle glitter on it to make it more beautiful. These trees will look cute on the kitchen’s wall.

Paper Christmas Tree

Twines Snowman

Your living room will look incomplete without a snowman. If you like knitting, twines snowmen are a great Christmas decor item. For this, you need balloons, twines, crochet and glue. First of all, blow out the balloons in desired sizes and wrap the twines around them. Keep them aside for 24hours so that twines get settled on balloons. Pop out the balloons now. It is not done yet! Crochet their eyes, big noses, hats and mufflers and decorate the snowmen with them.

Twine Balls

Twine balls are one of the easiest Christmas door decoration yet looks so good. Just wrap them and pour some glitter on them. You can also wrap the chargeable lights around and hang them with colourful threads on the door.

Christmas Cookie Garland

Cookies are not always for eating they are a good DIY decor too. Bake some cookies with extra flour in different shapes like stars, circles, trees. Also, it will be better if you bake them for more time than usual to get excess brown colour. Keep it out for 24hours. The moment they become hard, loop in the colourful threads and hang them wherever you feel like.

Cookie Garland

Burlap Wrapped Gifts

If you want to have a rustic theme this year, burlap-wrapped gifts are the mandate. Wrap your gifts with burlap and use some crochet or twines for bows. You can add some leaves and paper flowers to make it more beautiful. Adding paper smilies could be a good option too. These gifts will perfectly compliment your Christmas tree.

Burlap Wrapped Gifts

Wooden Reindeer

A Christmas without rustic reindeer is incomplete, isn’t it? This one seems a difficult yet easy-to-make Christmas decor item. You need some parts of a tree; cut some broad branches for the head and the body; thin branches for arms and legs, glue them together. For their ears, get some leaves and paste them on the head. Your wooden reindeer is ready, place it somewhere it is easily visible to guests.


Fabric Christmas Trees

There are plenty of Christmas tree ideas. This one is the cutest, best out of waste items. Just stuff all the waste fabric. That’s it. Yes, it’s done with no effort at all. You can place them near plants.

Wall Lights And Stick Stars

Do not forget the important part of decoration, lighting! Christmas tree decoration is unfinished without lights and stars. If you do not want to buy plastic stars, you can make them on your own with wooden sticks. Join them together in a star shape and wrap the lights around them.

Wall Lights and Stick Stars

Home-Made Chocolate Calendar

The excitement should be there till the end. After all, it’s Christmas. Make a chocolate calendar for the countdown. Make small paper bags and fill chocolates in them and write dates on each of them. Hang it in the common areas; eat one chocolate a day and keep counting the days for Christmas. Isn’t interesting?

Christmas chocolate

You can buy chocolates from the grocery store if you don’t want to make them at home.

Mason Jars

For lawn and outdoor areas of the house, you can enlighten the mason jars. Just wrap the chargeable lights on the mason jars and keep them in the outer area. These are the best DIY Christmas decorations for the outside.

Mason Jar decoration

Ice Cream Stick Snowman

Were you finding a reason to have ice cream? Here we are! Have ice creams and get the snowman out of it with just a bit more effort. Join the ice cream sticks together, glue black buttons for its eyes and nose. A perfect snowman for your dinner table is ready.

Paper Snowflakes

Let’s have some fun making quilling paper snowflakes. Roll them together! Keep rolling till you do not get bored! By the way, who gets bored making paper snowflakes. It’s the easiest and exciting Christmas decoration. So keep rolling and put it everywhere in the home.

Paper Snowflakes

Christmas Rocks

Collect some sea rocks and paint them with bright colours. Write some cool Christmas quotes on them and place them near plants in your home. They will look incredible.

Christmas Rock

Cinnamon Candle Sticks

Get a big candle with a pleasant fragrance, wrap the cinnamon sticks around it. You can use these candles for romantic nights and dinner dates.

Cinnamon Candle Sticks

Printed Paper Tree Topper

Oops! How can we forget the tree topper? Don’t worry! It will not take much time to make the one. Use cardboard, cut it into a start shape, wrap a beautifully printed paper on it and you are done.

With all these Cheap DIY Christmas decorations, you are all set to invite your loved ones and celebrate Christmas 2021.

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