10 most amazing places to celebrate new year

10 Most Amazing Places to Celebrate New Year

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New Year is a year of new expectations and everyone wants to celebrate it at an exotic place to make the starting of the year more magnificent. Celebrating New Year at an amazing destination every year shows your enthusiasm you have for an upcoming year and how wonderfully you welcome it. Each and every individual love to celebrate New Year’s Eve assuming that if this eve would be full of delight, then the whole year be full of joy and happiness. How wonderful your new year eve will be, depends on your choice of its destination. You should choose one of the most amazing places to celebrate New Year. The top 10 amazing places where you can celebrate your new year are:

1.    Las Vegas, Nevada: More than 300,000 party animals come around this city to celebrate the big night of New Year. On this eve the streets of Las Vegas become car-free and get transformed into a huge party street with live bands, pyrotechnic display and laser shows. On this eve the city also organizes several concerts, parties in hotels and casinos making the eve fully entertaining.

2.    Paris, France: Paris looks beautiful on the New Year’s Eve as the Eiffel Tower is decorated with beautiful lights and fireworks. Thousands of people come across the world to view the beauty of Eiffel tower on New Year’s Eve as the city of light changes into city of fireworks. Champs-Eylsees is the place with the most crowds on this eve.

3.    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro is popularly known for organizing world’s largest New Year party having a gathering of more than 2 million people. The celebration includes large oceanfront stages for live musical and dance performances, and a colorful fireworks display at midnight completes the scene.

4. Sydney, Australia: Sydney is popularly known for its largest fireworks two times on that very day. One at 9 pm and another at midnight. More than one million people attend the waterfront show and enjoy the eve.

5. New York city, New York: Millions of people gather together to celebrate a soothing Christmas as famous musicians come here to make the eve more lively at Times Square.

6. London, England: A gathering of more than 250,000 can be viewed. Crowd of the people can be seen at the banks of the Thames and its numerous bridges to see the spectacular ten-minute lightshow and fireworks.

7. Edinburgh: In Edinburg a three days grand party take place which include street parties and outdoor concerts. On the final eve a 4.5 tons of firework explode over Edinburgh castle.

8. Hong Kong: The most dramatic skyline lights can be seen here with a pyrotechnic dragon that dances across the sky. Every year the celebration is becoming more impressive in Honk Kong.

9. Madrid, Spain: The people here celebrate the eve by swallowing 12 grapes, one grape for each stoke of the clock at midnight and finishing it on time is considered to be a sign of good luck for the upcoming year.

10. Chicago: The eve is celebrated along the Chicago River where the crowd of more than 1 million people can be seen. Massive fireworks are displayed at the midnight and it mesmerizes the whole crowd.

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